Over 1M PSE&G customers receive NEW smart meters

I remember growing up in the 1970s and anytime my siblings or I left a door or window open, my father would yell, “Are you heating/cooling the whole neighborhood? You think I work for the power company?”

Fast forward 40 some years later and I do work for “the power company.” I am keenly aware of my energy usage because I now have a smart electric meter. So if the doors and windows are left open to cool the neighborhood, I can see that impact through the data provided by my new smart meter – and take action to save money and energy.

Fortunately, I am one of more than 1 million of our electric customers who has a smart meter. By the end of next year, we expect the remainder of our 2.3 million electric customers will also have a smart meter.

What are smart meters?                                                     

Smart meters are devices that collect and send near real-time energy usage data from our customers’ homes and businesses to PSE&G. These devices have a long history of safe and beneficial use; the first smart meters were installed in the U.S. in 2006.

Our smart meter program is a complex, multi-year project. We are revolutionizing the way we serve our customers using smart meters and a sophisticated secure wireless communications network. PSE&G began installing smart meters in 2021.

What can I do now that I couldn’t do before?

Recently, we enabled some of the smart functions that bring customer benefits to life! Most people will appreciate the ability to use near real-time data to know how their behavior affects energy use (and bills).

With my new smart meter:

  • I can see if my energy usage went UP when I hosted a recent party. 
  • I can figure out how much cranking UP the AC on a hot day affects my usage and if I really need my thermostat setting so low that I have to wear a sweater.

Smart meters will also improve our overall customer experience when we enable new features in 2024:

  • When a storm blows through and causes power loss, PSE&G will use the smart meter data to pinpoint where the outages are and dispatch crews to get power restored more efficiently.   

Newly enabled feature:

  • Moving in or out? Smart meters make opening or closing a PSE&G account quicker and more convenient. We are now able to start or stop electric service 365-days a year.

Smart meters will have environmental benefits, too:

  • When we can troubleshoot an issue via your smart meter versus sending a technician to your home, it keeps trucks off of roads.
  • In the future, smart meters could pave the way for the broader adoption of renewable energy resources like rooftop solar systems and enable more robust energy efficiency efforts.

Learn more about smart meters

You can learn more about our program at pseg.com/smartmeters, which has frequently asked questions and what you can expect during your installation.  

Fred Daum, Executive Director of Customer Operations - PSE&G

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