Lesson learned: PSE&G teaches kids about natural gas safety

“EWWWW!” That was the collective reaction of more than 200 kids when they smelled the natural gas scratch and sniff cards when I visited some of our youngest customers recently. I made the trip to summer camps for kindergarteners in Lawrence Township and West Deptford, NJ as part of PSE&G’s Natural Gas Safety Program. During the program children used the cards to identify the smell of natural gas (think rotten eggs) to help them detect a leak. The children learned what to do if they suspect a leak:

  1. Tell an adult
  2. Leave the home (without touching any light switches or appliances on the way out)
  3. Move at least 350 feet away
  4. Call 911

The children really enjoyed the gas safety house game in which they used their new gas safety tips to point out unsafe situations in a home.  In addition, the children learned about utility markouts and the importance of calling 811 before digging. In fact, PSE&G may have recruited a future employee as one student got so excited he asked if he could work for us one day!

Since this program began in 2016, PSE&G representatives have visited 32 schools and spoken to nearly 5,000 kids. That’s a lot of gas safety!

It was a very rewarding day knowing that I helped arm these children with information about gas safety that they will, hopefully, remember and share with their friends and family.

To learn more about natural gas safety, visit https://nj.pseg.com/safetyandreliability/gassafety

The Power of One – Mark Lovretin

Volunteering isn’t something that really crossed my mind. So, as I celebrate my tenth anniversary of volunteering at two animal shelters, I am grateful that I discovered it and am thankful for the impact it has had on my life.

My volunteering journey started when I had to put down my 19-year-old cat. Seeking another cat, I visited a local animal shelter over and over, so much so that one of the volunteers there suggested I become a volunteer as well. I thought “why not?” and knowing PSEG supports local community organizations and employee volunteer efforts too, I decided to start immediately.

I thought my professional photography experience at PSEG could benefit these shelter animals with eye catching photos to help them find homes, so I gave my time to the shelter’s cats – socializing and photographing them.  Over time, I expanded my role to become an adoption counselor. My passion only grew from there, and I broke records finding homes for the cats.

My success with cats lead me to start to work with dogs. I began walking them for miles, honing my dog behavior skills. After I got comfortable walking the better behaved dogs, staff challenged me to walk the not so easy type dogs, to help them become more socialized. I accepted the challenge and dedicated countless hours on weekends, my time off and after work to give these animals a shot at a second chance.

Currently, I am the shelter’s lead photographer, adoption counselor, dog walker, cat socializer and more. We at PSEG have long focused on making life better for our customers and communities – employee volunteerism is a vital part of this public service. I take pride in being a part of a company that encourages me to pursue such rewarding work and recognizes my efforts to help these animals put their best paw forward in the search to finding their forever home.


 At its core, service is about one person, one moment of need, one good deed at a time. PSEG’s Power of One is an initiative to celebrate employee citizenship and volunteerism, as well as that of individuals in the communities we serve. Hear the stories of these upstanding citizens in Energize and learn how they demonstrate the Power of One.

American bald eagles scale new heights in NJ

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Not just your everyday storm prep

White sandy beaches, lush greenery and turquoise waters don’t stay that way for long when a tropical storm or hurricane is barreling down on your island. Yet my experience with Tropical Storm Arthur in 1990, in my position as assistant information technologist in Grenada’s National Water and Sewage Authority, is just one major incident in the past 25 years that has fueled my passion for helping create the energy company of the future at PSE&G. Continue reading