Complacency kills.


Last week, people living on a Paterson street recognized the “rotten egg” smell of natural gas and called 911.  Firefighters and police officers arrived and quickly evacuated everyone to a safe distance before the house exploded, damaging nearby dwellings. While the cause of the incident is being investigated, one thing is abundantly clear:  Residents and first responders – including PSE&G – knew what to do and made sure everyone got out of their homes safely. Continue reading

Be Your Full Self


Years ago, I made the decision to be open about my personal life – even in the workplace.

Coming out was a journey that started small. However, the first time I recall being out to all my coworkers, I was a 30-year-old counsel for Pacific Gas & Electric’s nuclear plants in California. Since then, at corporations such as NextEra and General Electric, I have been open about being gay and vocal on LGBTQ issues.
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Coding Future Leaders

Adah and Girls Who Code North Star Academy Graduates

Walk into any neighborhood and you will quickly learn about the types of people who create it; the “nosy neighbor,” the “corner store comedian,” the “grumpy old man,” the “unofficial neighborhood watch,” the list is infinite. It’s these people who give each community and neighborhood its own unique identity.

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