Protecting Those in Danger

At first glance, Swamp Pink, a member of the lily family, the Golden-winged Warbler, a small migratory bird, and the Frosted Elfin, a butterfly native to North America, couldn’t be less alike. Yet despite their obvious differences, they all have something in common; all three are threatened or endangered species in New Jersey with habitats on and around the nearly 1,000 miles of transmission rights-of-way (ROWs) that PSE&G owns and maintains in New Jersey. They have lots of company, too, as some 131 other threatened or endangered species make their homes on or near our ROWs.

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PSEG: Poised for the Next 110 Years


Photo credit: NYSE

This year, PSEG joined a very small, elite circle of publicly traded companies by providing a dividend to its shareholders for the 110th consecutive year.

That milestone, which members of PSEG’s finance team and I were proud to commemorate during a bell-ringing ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange, reflects our company’s long record of reliability – to our customers, to our employees and, of course, to our shareholders. Continue reading

Everyone Wins With the Right Grid Policies

Vector lines power plant, power lines, industrial vector design, infrastructureThe concept of living “off the grid” isn’t just for those who want to shrink their environmental footprint.

In the wake of severe storms like Superstorm Sandy and most recently Hurricane Matthew, policymakers and others are looking increasingly to a number of so-called “distributed energy resources” to keep the lights on locally even when Mother Nature delivers devastating blows to utility equipment. Continue reading