On a mission to support veterans

Veterans bring a wealth of qualities learned from active duty, including responsibility and resilience, to the workplace. Their experiences in the military instill attributes like leadership, teamwork, adaptability, discipline and a strong work ethic.

“These qualities are vital to ongoing military operations, but also highly sought after in the job market,” said Jack Bridges, vp of Electric Operations. “Understanding and appreciating these qualities benefits veterans and enriches the workforce and the communities we serve.”

That’s why we connect with programs like SkillBridge to help find eligible candidates to hire. Skillbridge offers military personnel job training eight months before they come home, which can be applied to electrical, mechanical and other skilled trades.

Dillon Atlas is an overhead lineman apprentice in our Electrical Lineworker Program. Dillon completed 14 weeks of SkillBridge training and now is on track to become a Grade 1 Lineman.

“The SkillBridge program was a positive experience and set me up for the transition of getting out of the Marine Corps,” said Dillon. “I applied, had an interview, enrolled and completed 14 weeks of training. When I arrived at PSE&G, I felt welcomed and respected and was quickly introduced to a network of veterans who helped set me up for success.”

Our Veterans Employee Business Resource Group and IBEW Local 94 veterans’ chapter also support veterans entering our workforce. The teams provide guidance on how to use military benefits, they assist with navigating careers in energy and provide opportunities to support veteran-based community organizations.

The PSEG Foundation is proud to provide a $100,000 grant to Thomas Edison State University (TESU) in support of the PSEG Military and Veteran Scholarship Fund. The fund will provide direct support to military veterans and active-duty students transitioning to academic life and into the workforce. PSEG and the PSEG Foundation are also proud partners with Volunteer Lawyers for Justice. The 10-year partnership includes funding from the PSEG Foundation for the Veterans Legal Assistance Program and PSEG employees provide pro bono support for critical legal help to veterans across New Jersey with their unmet civil needs.

“PSEG provides a purpose-driven path for veterans transitioning into a civilian career,” said Tim Gonzales, technical training manager. “Our vision is to power a future where people use less energy, and it’s cleaner, safer and delivered more reliably than ever. To achieve that vision – we need a committed workforce that values integrity, service and innovation, and we know veterans already encompass those values.”

Christa Newsom, Enterprise DEI & Culture Manager

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