Paving the way for a sustainable future: The story of an electric vehicle advocate

When Jonce Dimoski heard that PSE&G was starting an electric vehicle program, he knew he wanted to get involved.

“I came from the construction side of the company, but I made my way over to EV because I really wanted to give back to the community, the environment, and just be on the forefront of this change,” said Jonce, electric vehicles/energy storage program manager. “Not only am I helping the company and the environment but, most importantly, the PSE&G customer.”

Jonce helped build the EV program from scratch, working with colleagues to develop the regulatory and implementation operations.

He is committed to reducing customers’ anxiety and debunking misconceptions about EVs, while increasing New Jersey’s charging infrastructure.

Jonce’s primary role is educating customers about the program and what incentives it makes available to them. He said it’s very important to understand, especially for residential customers, how an electric vehicle is possible considering factors such as budget, family size, daily driving and type of housing/community.  

“The common argument we hear people saying is: ‘I don’t want to do it because if I take a road trip, I have to wait like an hour in charge’,” Jonce said. “I always ask the question: How often do you road trip per year? Once? Maybe twice? So, 5% of the year. So now the other 95% of the time you never leave your house without a full charge, so why would you give up 95% of convenience for 5% of perceived inconvenience?”

Jonce has been passionate about the environment since he grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey, a dense area with many polluting vehicles. As an engineer, he said he understands the science and the needs.  

“If more humans could really bond with nature and understand it better, you would definitely have a bigger appreciation for it,” he said.

Outside of his busy role at PSE&G, Jonce loves to garden. His family always had a giant garden in the backyard.

If Jonce could have one superhero power to restore the planet it would be to communicate with nature and better understand how to fix the damage.

PSEG Editorial Team

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