99 year-old customer thanks PSE&G Gas employees for terrific service

Mr. Emmerich Kafka

What were you doing 57 years ago? Emmerich Kafka was purchasing his first PSE&G WorryFree® contract and, shortly after turning 99 this year, he decided to thank our employees for ensuring he’ll have heat this winter.

Robert Resz (l) and Mike Galli (r)

In particular, Emmerich took the opportunity to thank Clifton Gas Appliance Service Supervisor Robert Resz, Service Specialist Christopher DeBrock and Service Apprentice Michael Galli for not only fixing an old furnace but taking the time to keep him updated along the way.

Chris DeBrock

“Rob, Chris and Mike are customer champions and can be counted on to exhibit all of the right behaviors,” said Clifton Gas District Manager Tom Frey. “This recognition letter reflects the dedication and customer focus of several new employees and shows a bright outlook for our future. The entire Clifton leadership team is proud of their work, and the customer focus they and the rest of the group displayed.”

Mike Galli

Emmerich, who sent the letter to PSEG Chair, President & CEO Ralph LaRossa, said it’s important for people to recognize others while they are living. He said he was thrilled to hear that not only were the workers recognized but that his letter was shared widely among our employees.

Lauren Ugorji, Lead Writer - PSE&G

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