Small home upgrades can save you big on your energy bill

Upgrading major appliances like a fridge, range or washer/dryer could set you back thousands of dollars, which is why most of us don’t replace those items until we absolutely have to. When we do, we face a tough choice – go with a highly rated yet cheaper, inefficient model or invest more for an energy-efficient product.

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PSEG’s clean energy transformation

The challenges presented by climate change are real and growing more apparent every day. As an energy company, PSEG has a unique opportunity to rise to these challenges while serving our customers, our communities – and the planet. 

Our customers will always depend on the safe, reliable, around-the-clock energy we provide, but we know that won’t be enough anymore – we must also be champions of clean energy. 

In this video, PSEG Chairman, President and CEO Ralph Izzo reaffirms our commitment to be part of a clean energy future.

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Nuclear is the Answer to NJ’s Energy Future

11080625_903337756397328_1500589022466723959_oQuick, what New Jersey economic sector contributes the most carbon to our atmosphere? If you answered the power sector, you are wrong. The transportation sector – cars, buses, trucks and trains – emit more CO2 than all of the power plants operating in the state. This is not true of all states, but reflects that New Jersey has one of the cleanest power portfolios in the nation.

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