PSEG’s clean energy transformation

The challenges presented by climate change are real and growing more apparent every day. As an energy company, PSEG has a unique opportunity to rise to these challenges while serving our customers, our communities – and the planet. 

Our customers will always depend on the safe, reliable, around-the-clock energy we provide, but we know that won’t be enough anymore – we must also be champions of clean energy. 

In this video, PSEG Chairman, President and CEO Ralph Izzo reaffirms our commitment to be part of a clean energy future.

Ralph LaRossa, Chairman, President & CEO - PSEG


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  • you guys have been here 3 times in 7 days…my boiler is still shutting down. I’m a senior citizen wiith 2 pets who has many ‘WORRY FREE’ contracts with you because I have no one to ask for help, and still I have been without heat since 9:30 last night… again! Couldn’t get anyone unless I said EMERGENCY, which by 2am, it became an emergency. Agent I spoke to was very detached and wasn’t affected by the fact that it was 53 degrees in my house, after my insistence, he said he would put in for an emergency for first thing this morning. I had no sleep and my fingers are numb. I called at 8am, and after holding for quite some time, a supervisor said, you are scheduled for this afternoon. I said I know, but an emergency request was put in last night for repair 1st thing this morning. He said I was the last apt for today unless I would rather them come tomorrow. I will be examining the other offers I’ve received for similar repair contracts from my insurance company when this repair is resolved. I can’t believe that PSEG’s reps, supervisors,etc. really don’t care.

  • Street lights outage’s being reported on Ferry Street in Newark, NJ and lights pole aren’t being fixed, although the reports disappeared in 3 business days! Collecting screenshots from phone reports and showing to the politicians on Portugal Days celebrated in Newark in this coming weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday , May 7th, 8th and 9th 2019! Will this help ???

  • I’m trying to get a straight answer from your residential engineering dept on my TOTAL electric power usage. I have 2.4 kWh solar system currently contributing to my TOTAL electric usage. However, your engineering dept can’t tell me if the usage charts include or exclude my solar system inputs. After spending 3 hours on the phone shuffled from one office (who couldn’t answer my question) to another, and then getting cut off, I’m furious. I am competing my solar installation (it must be installed before Dec 31), but I can’t, nor can your engineers, tell the competitors what size system they must provide so I have a 100% offset. This is ridiculous! How long will it take to get a straight answer to my competing contractors?
    More importantly, what is the answer to my TOTAL power usage, and how do I get that relayed to my contractors so they can design a system?

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