Appliance Service Technician reacted quickly to help a customer in need

As Appliance Service Supervisor Jonathan Kopecky approached a Clark customer’s home to check in with a tech on his team, he saw a man pull into the driveway and dash into the house. Taken aback at the man’s haste, Kopecky put on his PPE and approached the home cautiously.

Fortunately, Kopecky received a warm welcome at the door from a woman, followed by the man who had hastily entered the home.

The woman, the homeowner’s daughter, gratefully explained why she and her brother were present. Their elderly mother had visited the laundry room where Appliance Service Technician Orlend Gilbert was repairing the dryer. Upon exiting the room, the homeowner lost her footing and fell on the hallway floor.

Gilbert immediately stopped the repair and sprang into action. Already wearing proper PPE, he was able to safely assess the situation and ask the homeowner if she needed medical attention. When she declined, he called the homeowner’s daughter, allowing both her and her brother to arrive quickly.

Gilbert, whose first aid kit was up to date, was proud that he was able to help a customer in need. “My job isn’t only about repairing appliances,” said Gilbert, “It’s about doing the right thing for our customers, no matter what the circumstance.”

Kopecky agreed. “I went to this customer’s home for a standard site visit. I left with an incredible sense of pride. Orlend went above and beyond to help a customer in need. I am proud that he is a member of my team.”

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