Meter reader administers CPR to save a life

PSE&G Meter Reader Kyle Ginley was traveling on Mount Empraim Avenue in Camden, New Jersey, when he noticed a group of people trying to flag down help, while dragging someone out of the back of a car. In transit between jobs, Ginley immediately pulled over to see what assistance he could provide.

A part time medical technician who is CPR certified, he quickly noticed the man had no pulse and was not breathing. From working in the hospital, he could tell this man was in the process of overdosing, so he asked the group if the man had taken any drugs. They said he had. Ginley began to administer CPR and restored the man’s pulse.

Next, the unconscious man’s girlfriend administered Narcan® and he regained consciousness. Two minutes later, an ambulance arrived and the man walked under his own power to the EMTs and got inside.

Ginley could have kept driving, instead, he stopped and helped a complete stranger. It is not in his job description to do anything of this nature, but he was compelled to take action and saved a man’s life in the process.

He went above and beyond and brought great credit upon himself and PSE&G. As Human Rights Leader Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

John Mccullough Communications Consultant - PSE&G

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