Guardian angel meter reader saves baby Leo

Little Leo has a guardian angel – who reads meters.

It’s a day PSE&G Meter Reader Al Maldonado will never forget. Many parents have experienced the feelings of panic and fear when their child is in danger. A father himself, Maldonado knew he had to act fast when he spotted a small child in the middle of the street.

Following his heroic rescue of Leo, Maldonado received an Award of Valor for his response in this situation. PSEG’s Award of Valor is presented to employees who have demonstrated tremendous courage in the line of duty. Recipients of this award show careful consideration of unsafe conditions and display immense amounts of bravery by acting above and beyond the responsibilities of their job.

We’re all thankful for Maldonado’s quick thinking and action, but no one more so than Leo’s mother Angela Steimel. Steimel will always be grateful to Maldonado for being in the right place at the right time. “That could have been the worst day of my life,” she recounts.

Rebecca Mazzarella, Lead Writer - PSE&G

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