PSE&G app puts power in my hands

Did I pay my PSE&G bill? 

This thought comes crashing into my head as I’m parked in the pickup line waiting for my kids at the elementary school.

I’ve noticed my memory isn’t what it used to be, or maybe it’s because I have too many things to remember. As a busy, working mom of two young children I have to constantly ask myself: who has practice?, is it crazy hair day?, do we even have stuff to make crazy hair?, is the PTO fundraising money due today?, are the pets up to date on their shots so we can board them soon? and now I’ve completely forgotten to pay my utility bill. 

See how my brain works? It’s running at 150 miles per hour, going in five different directions and I’m sure many of you can relate. If it’s not kids or pets, maybe it’s remembering to send that email at work or scheduling doctors’ appointments for an aging parent.   

Multi-tasking has become a way of life for many people. The stores or service providers we interact with know our expectations as customers are changing. We expect companies to offer multiple ways to do business with them that fits into our busy schedules, on our own time, in our own way – even allowing us to do business wherever we happen to be.    

As a PSE&G employee, and busy mom, I am proud to share that PSE&G is a leader in using technology to change the way we can interact with them. The utility offers multiple ways to make a payment, set up reoccurring payments, text reminders, report an outage and has secure online access to MyAccount  where we can view energy use and set up service appointments. These online “self-service” features are super convenient; I can get things done without having to call and speak with an actual person. 

Recently, PSE&G launched the customer service chat feature that allows customers to interact with a customer service representative who will personally resolve their issues or answer their questions. Look for the tab next time you’re in MyAccount. To keep wait times low, chat is available when there are reps ready and waiting to help. 

Even more exciting, PSE&G has just launched a new mobile app for customers using Apple or Android devices. This free PSE&G app allows me to manage my account on the go. Yes, even in the pickup line at school. Better yet, access is quick and secure with a fingerprint or facial ID. So I don’t even have to remember my account number or password. 

Powerful features include:

  • View and pay bills
  • Report an outage and get updates
  • Contact customer service
  • Quick and secure access

Apps are incredible tools that many of us use on a daily basis.  I encourage you to download PSE&G’s new mobile app.  The power will literally be in your hands, to free up a little more space in your head, knowing it’s only one simple click to see if you’ve paid your utility bill.  That’s one less thing to remember. 

Thanks PSE&G!

Rebecca Mazzarella, Lead Writer - PSE&G


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