Bill payment assistance available

Bill Help Is Available

Elizabeth Tucker, of Plainfield, New Jersey, is a well-educated, extremely private individual who doesn’t ask for help often. Yet when several life challenges left her finances reeling, she was grateful to have discovered that PSE&G promotes several payment assistance programs.

“The money is there; the application process is very easy; it’s a world of good. It really helps people and it helped me tremendously,” Tucker said recently. “I encourage others who need help to apply right away.”

Not only did Tucker get help paying her bills, but she also was connected to the nonprofit PROCEED, Inc.,  one of PSE&G’s partners that offers a variety of home energy assistance programs.

“PROCEED has been working with the PSE&G payment assistance program for years. They’ve been a great partner when it comes to our clients,” said Dee Perez, PROCEED’s program coordinator for LIHEAP/USF. “They help whether it’s for shutoff notices, terminations or restorations.”

More information about payment assistance is available at www.pseg.com/help and, for Union County, https://www.proceedinc.com/our-services/utilities-repair/utility-assistance.

LIHEAP Eligibility

PSE&G encourages customers who meet eligibility criteria and need help to apply for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program now through July 31, 2020. The LIHEAP program is run by the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Under LIHEAP, those who qualify may receive an average of $300 toward their heating bills and $200 toward medically-necessary cooling costs.

LIHEAP eligibility is based solely on last month’s household gross income and household size. To be eligible for LIHEAP benefits, the applicant’s household gross income must meet monthly income guidelines listed on the chart below. For example, a family of four with an income of $4,292 or less per month may be eligible and should apply.


For more information or to download a LIHEAP application or find out where to apply, visit our website or call 1-800-510-3102 or 211. Applications are also available at PSE&G’s 16 walk-in Customer Service Centers. Applications and copies of all requested documents must be submitted by mail or in person to the designated LIHEAP in-take agency by July 31, 2020.


The LIHEAP application is also an application for the Universal Service Fund (USF). USF is a program created by the State of New Jersey that can lower the amount low-income households pay for gas and electric bills with a monthly credit of $5 to $150. Applications for USF are accepted year-round.


PSE&G households that are not eligible for low income programs and are behind in their PSE&G bill should visit www.pseg.com/help for other programs like the PAGE Grant or NJ SHARES. Seniors over age of 65 or disabled adults collecting Social Security Disability may be eligible for the New Jersey Lifeline Credit program. NJ Lifeline provides a $225 yearly credit on your PSE&G bill.


If you qualify for assistance for medically-necessary cooling costs or are on life-sustaining medical equipment, ensure that you have alerted PSE&G and notify your local police and fire departments. For more information, visit pseg.com/life. It’s important that you notify PSE&G if there is life-sustaining equipment in your home that relies on electricity to operate. Download the Life-Sustaining Equipment Certification form for completion by a physician and return it for PSE&G review.

If you have questions about assistance programs, call 211. If you have questions about PSE&G bill payment, call 1-800-357-2262.

Rosa Pagnillo-Lopez - payment assistance outreach coordinator


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  • Hello,my son Patrick O’Neill applied last year and he was eligible.and didn’t have to pay as he has 0 income as of now. He hasn’t received any disability as of yet.He is down to a credit of $ 123.39 as of June 22,2020.A letter sent to him says that his new monthly payment will be $95.00 monthly. He does not have any income to pay that amount. He only has food stamps.Please help us.
    Thank You.
    Mrs.Elaine O’Neill

  • Please call me I have a $4,400.00 bill because my landlord wouldn’t let the PSE&G guy access into the basement so this is the estimated bill I work a job where I make $200.00 a week I collect no assistance I live with my son who makes minimal money as well I need help thanks MaryannSgambati 218@gmail.com I don’t know how to apply online for help no computer 201-870-7775 cell can’t have my lights shut off

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