Celebrating National Engineers Week 2020

From field engineers to the engineers who design, build and maintain our transmission network, electric stations, gas and electric distribution systems and generating stations, PSEG employs a diverse team of engineers who are essential to everything we do to deliver safe and reliable electric and gas energy to our customers.

In recognition of National Engineers Week, we salute all PSEG engineers – represented by a few colleagues who were asked recently why they like working at PSEG:

Samuel Mechail
Staff Engineer
I enjoy working at PSEG for a multitude of reasons – their focus on health and safety and the well-being of their customers and employees; their focus on ethics, diversity and inclusion, volunteerism, corporate citizenship and more! Largely, the culture at PSEG is one that is rooted in education, continuous improvement, integrity and, most of all, respect – just to name a few! PSEG offers an engaging and challenging environment that allows one to continuously learn and thrive in their personal and career goals and aspirations.

Lauren Biernacki
I enjoy working at PSEG because there always is a new challenge or aspect of the job to learn. Engineers are trained to continuously learn and improve their skills throughout their careers and PSEG promotes that idea.

Colleen Cassidy
Project Engineer
I like working as an engineer because the projects always are interesting and there’s always something new to learn. Working at PSEG has given me a lot of opportunities to learn, and the people here are always willing to help teach me.                                                                                                                              

Lilian Vergara
Associate Engineer
I like working at PSEG for the many development opportunities available for young engineers.  PSEG encourages everyone to continue their development and to be their best.

Hiren Mehta
Staff Engineer
Working at PSEG, I have gained a better understanding of how projects are executed using a disciplined project management framework. I just love the helpful attitude of everyone on my team, as this goes a long way in ensuring our shared success.

Andrew Chad Watson
Principal Staff Engineer
I enjoy the opportunity to get engaged with so many types of projects, including transmission and distribution upgrades, solar farms on landfills, battery storage pilot projects and offshore wind. I work with great and diverse teams, take on challenging work, participate in employee resource groups and grow my leadership ability every day.

Jose Silva
Staff Engineer
At PSEG I have found people that help me grow professionally and make me feel listened to and appreciated for the work I do.  Here, everyone is comfortable sharing ideas and concerns. PSEG offers many opportunities to give back to the different communities throughout the state.

Miguel Briones
As an engineer, my passion is to solve problems. Working at PSEG has fueled this passion by allowing me to improve myself while solving problems. It’s a blessing to be employed with a company that shares the values of safety and reliability, while providing the opportunity to make a positive impact in the community.

Sweta Mundada
Staff Engineer
I enjoy working at PSEG because of the company’s solid core values and the opportunity to grow in my career without being bound to one field or specialty. I can see myself working my entire career and retiring from PSEG, and, while this may not sound like a big deal, we live in a world where companies go out of business overnight.

Clinton Nwanedo
Associate Engineer
Renewable energy and the reliability concerns that accompany it sparked my interest in electrical engineering. I believe the engineer’s mission is to innovate solutions to society’s most pressing problems. At PSEG, I am part of a team that is committed to improving the reliability and resiliency of the electric network it operates, while making strides in combating climate change by promoting carbon-free electric generation.

Dennis O’Rourke
Staff Engineer
As a student attending NJIT, my long-term goals were to establish a career that a would have a societal impact. Since joining PSEG as an engineer, I’ve realized that I have a unique opportunity to do so. Our roles affect a large number of people and our performance is directly related to the safety and comfort of others. Knowing I serve not just my family and friends, but also my community, has been an amazing experience.

Nevdon Hylton
Manager, Project Engineering
What I like most about working at PSEG is the various people that I have interacted with over the years. We all have diverse approaches to solutions, but, ultimately, we are striving for the same goal. These shared goals bring us together, and I have always appreciated that.

Jessica Chamoun
Staff Engineer
Ultimately, I like working at PSEG because it is a workplace where I can express my values and where other people share those values. I believe that our work is meaningful because it makes other people’s lives better.

Andrea Almeida
Staff Engineer

I like being an engineer because I get to change the world for the better. All my projects, whether big or small, play a part in improving the lives of our customers.  That’s very rewarding.

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