Our smart grid is getting even smarter

It’s Memorial Day 2022, and while you are outside sweating over the grill preparing your fan favorites, your family and friends are anxiously awaiting your creations inside your comfortably air-conditioned house. As you begin to plate the food, you hear a loud “pop” in the distance and your A/C, which has been humming all day, immediately shuts off. But before your house warms to an uncomfortable temperature and starts heating up your guests, PSE&G’s new “sensor-to-wrench” technology already has alerted and dispatched the nearest repair crew to the location of the problem. The future is near!

Over the next two years, PSE&G will be making its smart grid even smarter to further increase our ability to keep your power on, support clean energy initiatives and to proactively get you useful information that can make your life easier. PSE&G is undertaking a technology transformation that involves about a dozen major computing systems with a focus on practical solutions – like one-touch apps.

Enhancing Reliability

PSE&G’s technology transformation also builds upon the work of our Energy Strong initiative, which added thousands of smart devices to the grid with about 8,000 more being added by 2023. These devices are helping minimize power outages and restoring them much faster when they do occur. We are building a seamless, technologically advanced system that facilitates improved data sharing and collaboration within PSE&G to support the easiest, most reliable interactions for our customers and employees.

New Tools Benefit Customers

Today, our engineers spend time performing “detective work” to track down the cause of an outage. Tomorrow an app, currently under development, will help pinpoint the exact location of damaged equipment – quickly leading repair crews directly to where work needs to be done. This app will allow employees to do in mere seconds the work that used to take 10 minutes or more, thus further speeding restorations.

Similar technology enhancements will enable proactive monitoring of the hundreds of thousands of streetlights in PSE&G’s service area for better maintenance and planning for future growth. Other technologies will consolidate our planning process to help us utilize our resources more wisely and get more done in less time.

PSE&G is on the cusp of being able to proactively notify you about unplanned events that disrupt your power and your life. Also, we will deploy new, simple apps that keep you informed of utility construction work being performed in your neighborhood. Our customers will continue to make repair appointments – but now track the repair progress each step of the way.

Supporting the Environment

Having instant access to information about what’s happening, even at the smallest points on our grid, opens the door for improvements that support PSE&G’s sustainability priorities, such as targeted tree-trimming practices, safety enhancements and fewer truck emissions. For example, digital images from a technology called LiDAR, which operates on the same principles for land-based objects as radar does for aircraft, will soon enhance our approach to vegetation management, preventative maintenance and storm recovery.

Advanced Technology

Having a fully integrated platform that has easy and intuitive user interfaces allows us to take advantage of robotic process automation and, eventually, artificial intelligence and machine learning. These advances will not replace our employees, but, instead, it will allow them to focus on the aspects of their work that computers will never be able to do, such as strategic planning and innovation.

Today’s investments are paving the way for a better experience  – supporting energy efficiency efforts to save you money, protecting our environment, charging the electric vehicle you’ll one day drive, and integrating smart devices into our grid that help restore power faster than ever.

Damon LoBoi, Senior Director, PSE&G Smart Operations Technology - PSE&G


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  • As a PSE&G customer, it’s great to see that an already reliable provider is ensuring that we the customer is still being put first

  • This is very insightful. As a past Peco customer, I really wish they would have done something like this. Awesome work

  • Phenomenal article that provides great insight as to how an already impressive service will become even better!

  • Please stop butchering trees that aren’t an immediate threat to transmission lines. To see 50+ year old trees brutally topped or cut in half vertically by seemingly uncaring work crews is as painful as it is unnecessary. At the very least there should be oversight from the County Environmental Extension Agents or independent arborists. In cases of clusters of trees of ecological importance, it would be preferable to just move the lines across the street. Yes, that is expensive but the alternative is a depressing landscape either barren or disfigured.
    Likewise, solar is great but please don’t cut down forested areas to do it, nor use up arable land – there are plenty of commercial roofs and parking lots that would be more sensible even if the installation is slightly more expensive.

  • Interesting I have a utility pole falling apart which caused my front tree catch on fire. For years I’ve been calling to replace. But no response from PSE&G. I had to cut my tree down to ensure does catch fire. Maybe it’s due to the section of Clifton I live. PSE&G doesn’t think us important.

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