Anne Davis: A childhood experience sparks a lifelong commitment to the environment

One day when she was a girl, Anne Davis was walking deep in the woods near her home in Rockaway Township when she came upon a brook choked with Styrofoam and plastic. The trash apparently had floated downstream from a nearby industrial site.

The incident kindled in Anne a lifelong passion for environmental stewardship and sustainability that serves her well today in her role as a project manager on PSE&G’s Environmental Projects and Services Team.

In this position, she develops practices, policies and procedures that help PSE&G employees work in ways that don’t harm the environment. She also supports the company’s permit efforts and manages remediation projects.

“We do a lot of good things to protect the environment and make it easy for our people to operate cost effectively — and feel good about the work that they’re doing,” she said.

It doesn’t stop there. As an advisor and past co-chair of the Functional Environmental Awareness Team Employee Business Resource Group, Anne takes a “hands-on” approach. “We don’t have a lot of meetings, and we don’t do a lot of talking,” she said. “We put boots on the ground, providing opportunities for our employees to participate in worthwhile projects — and hopefully inspire them to do so.”

Those projects include supporting the New York Conservancy’s urban garden, as well as planting and caring for trees in Liberty State Park.

Anne urges all PSEG employees to take advantage of the eight hours of volunteer time that the company provides each employee. “I grew up hunting and fishing with my dad and made sure my own children appreciate nature,” said Anne, who took up kayaking during the pandemic. “Once you get outside and experience the world we live in, it becomes so much easier to devote yourself to protecting it.”

PSEG Editorial Team

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