Helping New Jersey EV’s charge up

With PSE&G’s help, electric vehicle charging stations are coming to a neighborhood near you.

As part of our $166 million Clean Energy Future—Electric Vehicle Program, PSE&G, New Jersey’s largest utility, is teaming up with EV charging providers to install charging stations at publicly accessible parking lots throughout the utility’s service territory. There are about 24 EV charging projects underway including recently completed stations that are expected to go on line by the end of the year.

Transportation is the greatest source of greenhouse gases and other pollutants in New Jersey and across the U.S., and many drivers are eager to adopt the new technology. Yet some have been held back by “range anxiety,” a fear that there’s a lack of convenient charging locations. PSE&G took on the challenge in a proposal approved earlier this year that clears the way for investments to support chargers at:

  • Single family homes, multifamily buildings, government facilities and publicly accessible parking lots
  • Fast charging infrastructure along high-traffic corridors such as the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway that can charge an EV to 80% power in around 15 minutes

Under the program, property owners or charging providers are eligible for incentives from PSE&G that offset some of the costs of preparing sites for EV charging, including work on the customer’s property as well as extending the electrical service to an individual public charging station.

One challenge for the PSE&G EV team was obtaining transformers needed to provide enough voltage for charging stations. Lead times of around six months threatened to slow work and delay development of new stations. Working with charging providers, PSE&G established a process to anticipate equipment needs and smooth out the procurement process.

EV’s are also a win for the environment. PSE&G’s program is expected to avoid 14 million metric tons of carbon emissions through 2035, reduce air pollution linked to lung disease and other ailments and create about 400 direct and indirect jobs.
The New Jersey Energy Master Plan prioritizes electrifying transportation as a key strategy to improve the state’s air quality and reduce health care costs. PSE&G’s EV program marks another step toward achieving Governor Phil Murphy’s clean energy vision for New Jersey.
All PSE&G electric customers, including company employees, are eligible for the program. To learn more, visit www.pseg.com/ev or email us at PSEG-Electric.Vehicles@pseg.com.
More information about PSEG’s commitment to environmental leadership can be found in its Sustainability Report and ESG Performance Report.

Jim Efstathiou, Lead Writer-PSE&G

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