Personal visit with business customer helps prevent disaster

Did you know PSE&G has a Business Ambassador Program connecting small and mid-size business customers with PSE&G professionals? This specialized team is knowledgeable about the unique nature of business customer bills, interpreting energy rates and finding the right energy efficiency program. And, in some cases, the specialized support involves a personal site visit to the customer’s location …

Vashesh “Vee” Sooknanan, senior support specialist for PSE&G’s Business Customer

Sooknanan during his visit with business customer, PCore Pharma.

Solutions team went the extra mile to support a business customer and quite possibly prevented a disaster. The customer, PCore Pharma in Middlesex, emailed the Business Customer Solutions Center asking about the Business Ambassador Program and had a concern about billing. Sooknanan decided he would personally visit this customer to ensure their issue was resolved quickly. 

During the visit, Sooknanan resolved the customer’s inquiry regarding a billing concern. Then the customer recalled he was having power quality issues in the facility with blinking and dim lights. Since Sooknanan was there in person, he saw for himself exactly what the customer was experiencing and created a trouble ticket order with our Electric Division to investigate.  

“This customer interaction was a prime example of the ‘since you’re here to fix this, can you also look at that?’ scenario many service professionals face daily. And that is one of the prime benefits of the Ambassador Program,” said Deborah Affonsa, VP Customer Operations & Chief Customer Officer – PSE&G. “It’s that personal one-on-one interaction that allows for clear communication, efficient problem solving and first time resolution.” 

But the story doesn’t end there.  

During the visit, the customer invited Sooknanan to have an outside tour of the facility. While walking around the gas meter area, Sooknanan noticed a natural gas smell and he immediately contacted a peer back at BCS to alert the Gas District for emergency response. 

Sooknanan stayed at the location until the gas emergency technician arrived. Once the technician was on the scene, a pinhole gas leak in the customer’s gas equipment was discovered. The technician performed temporary repairs on-site, which were followed up with permanent repairs later in the day.  

The customer was extremely grateful that a personal visit regarding a billing concern also unexpectedly solved their power quality issue and avoided a possible disaster. 

Nicole Swan, Manager Customer Operations - PSE&G

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