PSEG takes pride in supporting our military professionals

As a company, PSEG thrives because of the skills, experience and backgrounds that come with its diverse workforce. Among them are our military veterans and active service members. The leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills these special employees have honed while serving our country are ideal for our industry, and their commitment to public service is unlike any other.

We recognize that our military professionals have ongoing responsibilities to serve our country, and we are committed to helping them honor those responsibilities while also building a rewarding civilian career. To that end, we have a PSEG Vets, a group that provides support and useful information to PSEG veterans, as well as active duty, National Guard and Reserve military professionals. We offer the benefits that are expected from an industry leader, while also providing additional benefits for those who still have an active commitment to the military:

  • Differential pay and time off for active duty training in reserve units
  • Differential pay and leave of absence during mobilization/deployment
  • Health care for employees and their eligible dependents during mobilization/deployment

Over the years, we have been honored to receive awards and accolades for our commitment to military professionals, but none are as meaningful as the recognition we receive from our own employees.

(prior to COVID-19): Correa, in front of the PSE&G Audubon Gas building.

Dante Correa, a service apprentice for PSE&G Audubon Gas, recently returned after a year of service overseas with the U.S. Air Force 1st Expeditionary Civil Engineer Group. Upon returning to work, Dante presented an American flag that had been flown in action, recognizing the Audubon Gas shop, to his supervisor, Ken Mackin.

“Words cannot express this special gesture from Dante on our behalf as he was protecting our American freedom overseas,” Mackin said. “Thank you for this wonderful gesture and for your service to our country.”

Last year, Viktoriya Varpakhovich, business support specialist in PSE&G’s Solar Loan Program, wanted to surprise her supervisor with something special to recognize his support for her commitment to the U.S. Army Reserve.

(l-r, prior to COVID-19): Varpakhovich, Pizarek, and Todd Hranicka, director, Solar Energy. 

To fulfill her duties as a human resources technician, Varpakhovich relies on Gregory Pizarek, operations manager in the Solar Loan Program, to approve time off from work and shift some of her responsibilities to team members when she attends Reserve training sessions. Without notifying her boss, Varpakhovich nominated Pizarek for a Patriot Award, an honor that reflects efforts to support citizen warriors through measures including flexible schedules, time off prior to and after deployment and for family care, and leaves of absence if needed.

When Pizarek learned he had won the award late last year, it was a complete surprise.

“Everybody on the team picks up some of the work,” Pizarek said. “A lot of people chip in to help make that work.”

For more information about rewarding careers at PSEG, visit jobs.pseg.com.

For more information about PSEG Vets EBRG, visit PSEG’s Diversity and Inclusion EBRG website.

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