Creating a place of tranquility for local community

By giving back to communities that don’t have the time or talent to do so, we are making the world a better place. Not only have I volunteered my time to sing with the choir at Saint Anselm for the past five years, but I also help make the church’s Peace Garden beautiful for the entire community.

Recently the church asked for volunteers to help revive the Peace Garden, which is on church grounds, and open to the public.  A few years back, this garden was a pleasant respite and provided a quiet retreat, a place to stroll and think, sit and meditate, and somewhere to take a break from the hectic demands of life. Over time, and with a mild, yet wet winter and spring, the weeds were flourishing and the garden was in a state of dire neglect. Since I inherited my father’s love of nature and am blessed with a green thumb, I thought it would be a good act of citizenship to step up and volunteer my time. The garden was divided into sections by volunteer, and we pulled weeds, planted flowers and nurtured in an effort to restore the garden to its former glory. We also continue to maintain our respective sections to ensure the garden does not go back to its previous state.

As with any garden, it’s an ongoing task, commitment and an act of love. Our efforts were well worth it, and now the Peace Garden is once again becoming a place of tranquility where people go to sit, relax, enjoy the landscape and pray. Every little bit helps, and donating my time to a worthy cause also makes me feel good. I highly recommend dedicating some time to volunteer for an organization that is important to you. Without the help of volunteers, many communities can find themselves in a state of neglect; we need to continue to be generous and offer up our own time, talents and treasures to help them flourish.

Zacher-Martini, Manager of Project Controls - PSE&G

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