Stay alert and stop scammers in their tracks

PSE&G has experienced an uptick in scam reporting recently and encourages customers to stay alert and informed about scammers to #StopScams.

“According to the Federal Trade Commission, so far this year New Jerseyans submitted more than 26,000 fraud reports with an average loss of $308 per victim,” said Fred Daum, PSE&G’s executive director of customer operations. “Scammers have become more brazen with their tactics and all customers need to be aware. It is our hope that information about scams will be widely shared throughout our service communities so no one falls prey to these unscrupulous people.”

More information about scams is available at pseg.com/scamalert. Visit www.utilitiesunited.org for more information and tips about how you can protect yourself from scams or follow along on Twitter: @U_U_A_S and Facebook: @UtilitiesUnited for the latest updates.

Lauren Ugorji - Lead Writer, PSE&G


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  • A scammer (phone number 732 582-5122) is pretending to be a PSE&G rep. They claim that the “Customer Choice Program” is running out, which would cost the consumer more money. When I asked “when” the program expires, they said there is no specific time. Instructed me to call back when I had my bill in front of me. Cheryl Johnson was the fake name of the caller. But, she left a reference number on the message. Pretty sophisticated.

    • December 30, 2019 received the scammer with phone #732-582-5122 claiming to be PSE&G
      Supply Charge for “Customer Choice Program” coming to an end and would cost more.
      Cheryl Johnson also left reference #0018891. as a rule at home telephone calls are screened first before answering. I must say this person was the best yet and she should go on stage she gave an authentic performance. But I asked my husband about this program and he never heard of it

  • Stay alert!!

    They called and left me a voicemail. The calling number was 8889120988

    Yes this is Cheryl Johnson. I’m calling in reference to your supply charges on your PS ENG account. According to our records you had enrolled in the customer choice program and it looks like it’s about to come to an end so we could increase the cost. If you wanna just give me a call here my number is 732-582-5122 and I just have a copy of your statement to review your reference number is 001-8891. Thank you.

  • I’ve been getting a lot of calls from the PSE&G 800-436-7734 number on my cell. I purposely don’t answer, but leave the phone on mute to see if anyone is on the other side. The scammers have been using your number to get people to give up info too.

    • I received 3 phone calls from the same # as Jennifer on my landline. I didn’t pick up & there was no voicemail??? Please look into. 5/11/20. Thank you.

  • You’d think America would be advanced enough to deal with scammers. Unfortunately, we do know how low America is in education. Where would the pool of clever people come from if the educational level is so low? The doors to scamming are open because the corporations don’t mind it. The consumer pays for it. The corporations want you to spend your money so easily you are not inhibited in any way, even if it means it’s easy to steal.

  • I’ve been getting calls from phone number 609-757-5955 from a Stephanie Johnson telling me that I’m enrolled in a Customer Choice Program for my electricity that will be ending soon and I’ll be charged more if I don’t call this number that she leaves and a reference number. I never answered these calls just listened to the recording and deleted them. I’m not in any Customer Choice Program for my electricity so I ignored the calls…figured they were scams.

  • 3/11/2020 @ 3:00pm; Received a Phone Call SUPPOSEDLY from PSE&G. Did NOT answer, as the Call came Up as “Unknown”… The number was: 1-800-647-8758 ? They left a Voicemail saying my Service would be Shut Off in a Half Hour as my Bill was not Paid.
    The Number / Voicemail came UP … AS:
    PS ENG.

  • Got a call & voice message today from “Laura Adams” abut increased supply charge costs in a “customer choice program” in which I’m allegedly enrolled. Of course, I’m not. Name unavailable number was 862-330-5162. Fake person was “Laura Adams” at 732-934-4715. She gave a legit sounding performance vs. a computer-generated voice so beware. Second call of this nature in the past week.

    • I am so glad I looked this up but I got a call and this was the number I had to call back to and it sounded very legit. Thank god I stopped after I gave them my full name (I know stupid).

  • same deal customer choice program coming to an end, call back here is your reference number. annoying scam call, again, and again, and again, block block block

  • Rcv’d a msg from Cheryl Johnson at 484-476-0413 claiming to be calling about unusual supply charges on my electric account and asked that I call her back at 732-832-3522, reference # E0019801. Clearly a fraudulent call.

    • Got the same call Rcv’d a msg from Cheryl Johnson at 484-476-0413 claiming to be calling about unusual supply charges on my electric account and asked that I call her back at 732-832-3522, reference # E0019801. Clearly a fraudulent call.

  • Just got a voicemail from “Sarah Walker” at some Teaneck phone number asking me to call this number 732-934-4718. Sounds like a phishing attempt to me.

    • I just got a VM from a ‘Sarah’ Walker’ too, regarding the high energy usage on my PSEG account, asking for a callback even with a reference number. Good thing I don’t have PSEG, lol. Idiots.

      • Same thing here.. “Name Unavailable 223-204-6130” Voicemail said it was “Sarah Walker” to review charges on my PSEG account. Be careful people.

      • I too got a Sara Walker regarding my PSEG electric account. She gave a 732 934 4718 return call number and indicated I should refer to record #E331810. I was very impressed that it was so well done, but something was odd about it and I checked and here I am confirmed that this is a scam.

    • I also got a voice msg from this lady and stating that I have five charges on pseg account while I don’t even have pseg.

      • I just received a call from Sarah Walker with caller ID number 223-204-6056. She left a voicemail asking me to call 732-934-4718 about my PSE&G supplies.

  • Received a VM call from Sarah Walker 220-842-7802 to call 732-934-4718… same scam mentioned here. Thanks for all info, number is now blocked.

  • What about the guy that comes with a blue face mask with UPSEG on it, asking “to update usegae “? I sent that guy walking.

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