PSE&G Turns ILR Landfill into Solar Farm


The recently completed ILR Landfill Solar Farm in Edison, NJ is the latest example of how PSE&G, through our Solar 4 All® program, is using landfills and brownfields to increase the amount of universal solar in New Jersey.  Built on a long-closed landfill on the banks of the Raritan River, the ILR project returns 21 acres of landfill space to productive use through its 23,834 solar panels that will power more than 1,200 homes each year. Continue reading

Fill ’Er Up: Paving the Way for Electric Vehicles

Richard Rose’s daily commute to his office at The College of New Jersey in Ewing is 56 miles, round-trip. Most days, his hybrid Chevy Volt doesn’t use a drop of gasoline. It’s only on cold winter days, when Rose gives in to the thermometer and turns on the heat, that he needs to dip into his car’s gas-powered reserves.

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Utility Work Ahead


Detours are an inevitable byproduct of a critical project that’s ramping up across our service area right now. PSE&G is speeding up the replacement of its aging gas infrastructure, which means more of our crews will be in more towns digging in streets and replacing pipes.

No doubt, the work is disruptive. But it has to be done, now is the time to do it, and here’s why:

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Diversity and Inclusion is Smart Business


Like book publishers and TV networks, innovation has challenged many companies, including those within the utility industry. The efficiency of appliances and machinery has greatly advanced, reducing the consumption of electricity. Meanwhile, new technologies have led to steep decreases in the price of electricity.

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NJ SHARES Is Here To Help

NJ Shares Annual Report, Barbara Offredo.

New Jersey resident Barbara O.’s story:

I’m a single mom. I work full time at night as a hospice nurse so I am home when my children need me. I never thought I would not have enough money to support my family. But when the rent increased on my two bedroom apartment in Mercer County, we were facing homelessness. I couldn’t afford the rent and juggle late fees on other bills. I was distraught. I didn’t want to fail my kids. I am so thankful that NJ SHARES was able to relieve the burden of my utility bill so that I could manage our expenses and my family could stay in our apartment.

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Reliability You Can Count On

16974488049_28226d8b8a_o“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

Iconic singer Joni Mitchell didn’t have electricity in mind when she penned those words in her 1970s hit song “Big Yellow Taxi.” But she could have. Like the air we breathe and the water we drink, electricity is one of life’s essentials that we often take for granted in this country – until it’s gone.

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