When PSE&G Invests in New Jersey, the State Gets Stronger and Gets Much-Needed Jobs


Given the current condition of New Jersey’s infrastructure, I am appreciative of plans that seek to upgrade or expand our energy delivery systems. Getting ahead of potential problems is the correct course of action. We can plan for the future or prepare for the bad case scenarios that come with aging gas and electric lines. I don’t know anybody who wants the latter.

PSE&G knows the value of smart investment, so much so that it is willing to put $10 billion of its resources into creating a modern, reliable, and resilient energy system. The public utility understands what those of us in the construction industry already know: that a “patch-and-repair” policy is no way to serve the 2.4 million residents and businesses who rely on them for gas and electric. The fact that PSE&G is willing to upgrade its systems BEFORE problems get worse is the key. It might be easier to garner regulatory support for upgrades after a major power outage, but it is more responsible to do so before the problems get worse.

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