Customers and PSE&G team up to tackle overdue bills

We want every PSE&G customer to understand that, if they are struggling to pay their bills, we’re here to help.

If you have an outstanding balance on your energy bill, you need to take action immediately to help protect your service from being disconnected when the moratorium on utility shutoff ends on March 15.  Visit pseg.com/HelpNow – to set up a differed payment arrangement and learn more about expanded utility payment assistance programs. 

We never want to turn off a utility service because of a customers’ inability to pay. For months, we have been reaching out directly to customers through mailers and a multimedia campaign to be sure our customers know about these payment assistance resources. There is so much available.

Hear from two of our customers who have benefited personally from PSE&G’s flexible support and utility assistance programs. 

Ahmiere of Newark

Ahmiere Mincy, who lives in Newark, lost his job as a clinical supervisor in March 2021. He quickly applied for unemployment but did not start receiving a check until the summer.

“It was a tough five months,’’ he said. “Everything kept going up and nothing went down.’’ Mincy ended up owing $1,900 on his PSE&G bill.

He visited a PSE&G service center and found the help he needed. Mincy received support toward his monthly bill from the Universal Service Fund (USF), a one-time $360 grant from the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Mincy said he considers himself lucky because, in his former job as a clinical counselor, he always advised his clients to seek help from public programs. So when he needed help, he knew where to look.

“One of the major problems is that people don’t know about these resources, which is how they fall so far behind,” he said. “There is too much stigma for people who have been denied in the past and it stops people from applying again. You’re not going to get help unless you fill out the applications. PSE&G makes that easy with agency reps right in their customer service centers.”

Michelle of Trenton

Michelle Lewis of Trenton lost her job during the pandemic and still has to scramble for money each month to pay bills. But a stop into PSE&G’s customer service center to make a partial payment led Lewis to the help she needed. 

Since July 2021, Lewis has been a recipient of benefits through New Jersey’s Universal Service Fund, which helps residents afford their utility bills. And because of her involvement with the program, Lewis learned in January that her past-due balances from 2021 would be forgiven through the Fresh Start Program.

“I didn’t see that coming,” Lewis said. “I didn’t know they did that.”

“I can’t thank PSE&G enough for all they’ve done,” she said. “It feels like a huge burden has been lifted.  The social service agent in PSE&G’s customer service center walked me through the process.  Even the security guard helped out by giving me the application.”

We encourage everyone to look at their utility bill and, if you have an outstanding balance, reach out to PSE&G today to protect your utility service from being disconnected after March 15. 

Not sure where to start?

To apply for utility assistance programs:

Set up a Deferred Payment Arrangement (DPA) with PSE&G:

  • A DPA allows you to pay your regular monthly payment, plus an amount toward your past-due balance.
  • Until March 15, PSE&G is offering DPAs with $0 down regardless of your payment history. 
  • To set up a DPA, visit pseg.com/MyAccount or call 800-357-2262. When asked, “What would you like help with today?just sayPayment arrangement.”

Christy Barone, Manager Operations and Payment Assistance Outreach, Customer Care – PSE&G

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