PSE&G brings hope to people struggling to get back on track

This past summer, I joined PSE&G tasked with leading the Customer Care team as the new chief customer officer. I have taken on this critical role at a time when PSE&G is providing outreach and assistance to customers who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. (www.pseg.com/HelpNow)

To better learn how our customers have been impacted by the pandemic, I went out into our communities and met with customers who are behind on their bills.

I made the rounds with our Field Collection team as they visited customers in Jersey City. The Customer Care associates, very diplomatically, incorporated education about PSE&G payment options, along with state or federal utility financial assistance programs, with their collection efforts when talking with customers. Our team and customers have found this comprehensive approach to collections to be very valuable. I saw it first hand and agree!  

We met with many customers, business and residential. We heard their struggles. We felt the fear they experience of possibly having their electric or gas service turned off and how that would impact their lives and livelihoods. I witnessed our team collecting on overdue bills with poise and patience, allowing customers to make payments on their past due bills while also providing energy payment assistance information. I witnessed our customer care associates work in challenging conditions and yet they continued to service our customers, safely and with pride. I applaud their efforts and their professionalism.             

It was a very impactful day in the field and I want to thank the team for allowing me to join them.

The energy we deliver to our customers is critical to their everyday lives, allowing them to heat and cool their homes and power their lives and businesses. We are here to help our customers every day. During this unprecedented time, our help is needed more than ever. Our help includes providing payment assistance information and encouraging participation in a variety of programs offered by local, state and federal government agencies. PSE&G has a dedicated webpage (www.pseg.com/HelpNow) as a resource to support our customers as we all move forward and recover from the pandemic.

I would ask, now more than ever, we all help our customers by sharing this information with others. Everyone knows someone who needs help. It may be you, a family member, friend, neighbor, a member of your place of worship or a family from your child’s school. Sharing this information will raise awareness and improve understanding about these utility assistance programs.

Thank you!   

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It’s how you can help. 

Deb Affonsa, VP Customer Operations and Chief Customer Officer - PSE&G

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