PSE&G customer remains worry free

PSE&G customer Walter Dabrowski of Robbinsville was so impressed with the crew who recently installed his new heater/air conditioner that he didn’t hesitate to email his gratitude.

“They just worked and worked and worked,” Dabrowski wrote about HVAC Technicians Jim Zimak and Mike Polo. “As I said to my wife after Jim left, ‘I’m tired just watching him work.’”

Dabrowski went on to explain that he was very concerned about the movement of heavy equipment in his home possibly damaging a special wall that could not be replaced, because the paint type is no longer available.

“They brought up the old furnace material and took down the new furnace without touching the wall. Great job,” Dabrowski wrote, “In addition, Jim and Mike very patiently answered all of my questions. I had quite a few questions.”

Dabrowski said he’s had enough run-ins with poor service to want to only deal with companies that have solid reputations.

Zimak recalled Dabrowski’s attention to detail and said he was pleasantly surprised to hear about his note because many customers today are too busy for such follow through.

“Some customers you don’t see all day, others check in on you, and Mr. Dabrowski was right there with us. I had to politely remind him of our social distancing and COVID-19 protocols,” Zimak said. “It’s nice to hear that he really appreciates our work.”

Service Supervisor Rick Weldon said he wasn’t surprised that Dabrowski also wrote about how well Zimak and Polo worked together.

Jim Zimak, PSE&G HVAC technician

“Jim is a lead installer who is dedicated to his craft, and always works with the best interest of the customer and PSE&G in mind. Mike is an installer helper who is quickly becoming very knowledgeable in all types of HVAC installation,” Weldon said. “This customer’s comments are a reflection of how Jim and Mike work for PSE&G every day. They are a big part of our success in Centralized HVAC.”

When contacted by PSE&G several months after the work had been completed, Dabrowski said he actually had a follow-up issue with his new humidifier, part of the HVAC system, and it was promptly taken care of by PSE&G.

“Where I live, neighbors talk,” Dabrowski said, “and it is the best advertisement if you have happy customers.”

Lauren Ugorji, Lead Writer - PSE&G

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