PSE&G encourages eligible customers to apply For assistance in paying utility bills

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During these times of hardship, PSE&G reminds its customers that energy assistance is available to households that meet certain income guidelines and other eligibility requirements. Customers can apply for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) until June 30, 2021. The State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs administers the LIHEAP program through county-based state designated agencies. 

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released $900 million dollars in LIHEAP crisis funding appropriated in the CARES Act. 

The federally-funded LIHEAP program assists financially constrained New Jersey customers with heating and medically-necessary cooling costs. In addition, as of March 16, 2021, LIHEAP gas or electric heating customers behind on their PSE&G bills can apply for emergency LIHEAP funding if they qualify. 

“There are several annual programs available to assist those who struggle to pay their utility bills. In particular, we encourage low income families to get help by applying for LIHEAP,” said Fred Daum, executive director, Customer Operations for PSE&G. “Under LIHEAP, those who qualify may receive an average of $300 toward their heating bills and $200 toward medically-necessary cooling costs.”

Qualifications for LIHEAP benefits are based on last month’s household gross income, household size and primary heating source. You may qualify if you own a house or if heating costs are included in your monthly rent. To be eligible for LIHEAP benefits, the applicant’s household gross income must meet the monthly income limits listed below, and recipients must re-apply each year. For example, a family of four with an income of $4,367 or less per month may be eligible and should apply.

LIHEAP general information

The application options are listed below:

How to get more information about LIHEAP

If you have questions about LIHEAP, call 1-800-510-3102. If you have questions about PSE&G bill payment or need a payment plan call 1-800-357-2262.

Rosa Pagnillo-Lopez - payment assistance outreach coordinator


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  • I receive Usf but i want to know if there is any assistance for this hard time i have been unemployed since March 16.

  • Hello. I just submitted my application. Are you processing applications at this time?

  • My pse&g bill was in my son name & he was moving & my name was added to the bill, but his name had to remain, we both signed off on it @ pse&g, OEO accepted it & I have received help every since until now, one of the workers said I can’t receive anything until my son name comes off the account, lineup currently give me a monthly credit, so why won’t they give me emergency funds. I’m a disabled senior, I’ve never had this problem when the offices were open

    • I’m in Texas but google Liheap and either your city, state, or zip code..or county. Also check with community action agencies, 211.org which is the united way, you can visit lowincomerelief.com, and my good friend Nicole runs an awesome benefit locator for your area just send her an email and let her know The Ketchers from SE Texas referred you. She is a godsend. In Texas, we have TexasRentRelief.com which every state should have and it covers up to 13 months of back rent, all utility ect. So I would Google rent relief or look under The Governor website for I think this is New Jersey right? Hope This Helps you or anyone else needing advice on where to even look. It’s so confusing!

    • I need help with my energy bill I don’t a income
      And my bill is 559.00

      Because about this pandemiai don’t credit card to make a payment I went Monday but the office still close. I don’t they shout Tomy thankyou myrtelina0622@gmail.com

  • Hi the last week I send my info by fax please let me know if you’re resive my documents or not!!!i way for you positive answers and thanks for your help!!!good bless!!!

  • PRAB is no help at all after they get all your private info. Non of their phone numbers will get any response. Applies last February and never heard anything to this day.
    Not very reliable. Still truing to find out where my app. and pers. info is..

  • I’ve tried applying for assistance, first time ever only to be told I don’t qualify.

  • I need a application. Do you think you could send me one please..I’ve been out of work from my job since March,only income coming in is my unemployment check of 184.00..Thank you..Ms C simmons. . Ps.my address is.337. Halsted st.E.O.NJ 07018

  • I tried so many times to apply for this and the True program. Got no answer and didn’t hear back about the status of my application. Is there anything else I could do?

  • I called 211 to apply. After giving all info they gave me another number to canal and that office is closed. I can’t print application cause I don’t have a printer. So how is one supposed to apply?

  • I applied but have yet to hear anything. I first moved in September 2020, I just received a bill 5/2020. The balance is way over $1200. Why it took so long to get a bill I don’t know. I’m on unemployment and my daughter just Started back working. Can someone please help me out and see what’s taking place with the application I submitted?

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