Keep safe while spring cleaning

Although many of us are happy to leave behind this cold, snowy winter, the work is not yet done! Spring is a time filled with sunshine, warm days and yardwork. Check out these spring cleaning safety tips to start your season off right.

  • Always be aware of where your electric lines are located when using or carrying a ladder. Never let a ladder touch a power line, and be especially careful if you are using one that is metal.
  • Use caution when painting or working in areas near the electric line to your home. Contact with the wire could be dangerous, especially with a metal ladder.
  • Never operate electric trimmers, mowers or power tools with wet hands or near wet grass or shrubs.
  • Power and garden tools should be protected with three-pronged grounding plugs, unless they are double insulated.
  • Always use heavy-duty grounded extension cords that are in good condition. If using an extension cord near wet grass or shrubs, be sure the outlet is equipped with a ground fault interrupter.
  • Don’t trim tree branches that are near any wires or have wires running through them. Call a tree-trimming professional to safely prune your tree.
  • Consider hiring a local contractor if you need to replace a TV or radio antenna. Antennas are difficult and dangerous to handle and can easily fall or come into contact with overhead power lines. The job is better left to an experienced professional.
  • All outdoor outlets should have waterproof covers. Outlets that have moisture in them may create a shock hazard.
  • When planning any kind of digging project – planting shrubs or trees, putting in a fence or mailbox, or installing a pool — be sure to call 8-1-1 at least three days before.
  • Get your air conditioning system checked and serviced now before the weather gets too warm.
  • Grilling season is almost here! Inspect your gas grill prior to using it, making sure all the fittings are tight, drip pans are clean and there are no insect nests in the burners.
  • When arranging your outdoor space, be sure to operate the grill at a safe distance away from the home and any other combustible materials. The high amount of heat generated has the potential for melting vinyl siding.
  • If you run any equipment on a generator, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, do not run any gasoline-powered generators in a garage or any other enclosed space.

Remember, spring also brings powerful rain and wind storms. Prepare an emergency plan in advance.

PSEG Editorial Team

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