Batteries included: New clean energy project powers old landfill

PSE&G has transformed what used to be the municipal landfill in Highland Park, New Jersey, into a clean energy source that will power about 100 homes while also helping New Jersey reach its clean energy goals.

It’s particularly fitting that we introduce PSE&G’s Highland Park Solar Storage System on National Battery Day, since the project combines massive 2,000-kilowatt-hour Tesla batteries with a 1,764-panel, 605-kilowatt-dc solar farm. The solar panels provide clean, renewable energy directly to the power grid and also charge the batteries that are used to reduce voltage fluctuations due primarily to issues like intermittent cloud cover.

The Highland Park project is the fifth of its kind that we’ve built through our Solar 4 All® program. It’s also a great example of the kind of innovative work that PSE&G wants to do more often through our Clean Energy Future proposal, which calls for investing more than $100 million to build similar energy storage projects that will jump-start New Jersey’s efforts to achieve its energy storage goals.

In addition to providing clean solar energy, the technology that we use and the information that we gather from the Highland Park Solar Storage System also will help integrate more renewable energy onto the grid in the future, paving the way for even more solar energy projects in New Jersey.

The Highland Park Solar Storage System improves its neighborhood by transforming 2 acres of what was once unsightly landfill space. The project is located directly across from a residential housing complex and is adjacent to a park, walking trails and woods along the Raritan River. The Highland Park Solar Storage System includes a decorative iron security fence, as well as 91 new trees, perennial plants and shrubs, to improve the curb appeal of both the project and the neighborhood.

Special credit goes to Highland Park Mayor Gayle Brill Mittler and her entire administration for their commitment and cooperation on this project. Highland Park was New Jersey’s first Green Community and the borough has a long history of environmental leadership. It was our privilege to work with Mayor Brill Mittler on an effort that will ultimately help not only Highland Park, but all of New Jersey, as well.

My colleagues and I are proud to work for a company like PSE&G that values clean energy and is committed to projects like this one in Highland Park. We look forward to working on more of these projects as we help New Jersey build its clean energy future.

Karen Reif, Vice President, Renewables and Energy Solutions - PSE&G

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  • How many kilowatt-hours has the Highland Park solar farm contributed to the NJ grid? Are there annual or monthly reports? What royalties if any have been paid to the Borough?

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