TechUnited:NJ and PSEG teaming up for equity, innovation and workforce transformation

Aaron Price, CEO, TechUnited:NJ

As CEO of TechUnited:NJ – built to empower entrepreneurs, disrupters and innovators to build a better future for all – I’m obsessed with technology. As a nearly lifelong New Jersey resident and entrepreneur, I’m equally obsessed with seeing those innovators flourish here in the Garden State.

That’s exactly why TechUnited:NJ has teamed up with PSEG for our CleanTech Alliance – bringing together companies big and small to create a differentiated advantage. Corporations know that innovation is the fuel for the future. Beyond investing in their own innovators, they also know that entrepreneurs are constantly reimagining their industry. Smart corporations work with those entrepreneurs so that innovation has no chance to pass them by. 

The CleanTech Alliance’s first program, a Startup Impact Challenge, is aimed at discovering those entrepreneurs who are reinventing the clean energy industry and matching them with companies such as PSEG. This challenge not only seeks new innovations from promising startups, but also does so with a lens toward equity and workforce transformation to help with economic and energy disparity.

Entrepreneurs can apply to the Startup Impact Challenge for a chance to win mentorship from senior leaders at PSEG, media coverage and up to $50,000 in cash awards to help them grow. Startups that qualify are those that can help reduce energy usage, create equitable energy solutions or address the future of the workforce that might be disrupted by the deployment of technology.

As someone who has lived the many ups and downs of entrepreneurship, I know firsthand how critical it is to be validated by corporations and, even better, gain them as clients. It can take many months to many years to find one’s way to the right person inside a large company, and the vetting process can take even longer. Having a chance to get your foot in the door with a large corporation such as PSEG can literally change the game for a startup. And that’s exactly what we hope to do here: Attract promising startups inventing the future of the clean energy industry and fast-track them inside the doors of PSEG and others. By doing so, we are committed to giving these companies the best chance to thrive in our state and create a better future for all of us.

New Jersey has a longstanding history of innovation, having invented the light bulb, the transistor, the mobile phone, and so much more. It is with this history in mind that TechUnited:NJ has launched several alliances in areas where New Jersey has an edge today – health and life sciences, smart cities and clean technology, just this year.

With the wind in our literal sails from Gov. Phil Murphy’s recent New Jersey Wind Port announcement, and this important partnership with TechUnited:NJ and PSEG, I’m energized by the significant commitments we’re seeing from corporate and government leaders. I believe that with this support, New Jersey can be known as the place where clean tech thrives.  

A future powered by clean energy is inevitable. It’s good for customers and the planet. With technology leading the way, TechUnited:NJ and PSEG want to ensure that we lead the charge.

To watch the webinar in its entirety, click here.

Aaron Price, CEO -TechUnited:NJ

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