Neckties and blazers … oh my!

PSEG Nuclear Hope Creek Operations Supervisor Steve Kopsick has yet to meet a necktie he didn’t like and appreciate.

No, seriously. Every. Single. One. Ever made.

So, when he came up with the idea to initiate a tie and blazer donation drive for students attending the Williamson College of the Trades, he stipulated “the more bizarre, the better.” He 1) wasn’t joking, and 2) speaks from experience (see: photo reference).

Steve is a member of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. In this capacity, he and his organization lend their support to Williamson by helping sponsor the school’s annual Founder’s Day celebration.

Last year, Steve collected 50 colorful and unique ties for the student body, which is required to uphold a formal dress code, and watched as they “vaporized” before his eyes. “They were very excited,” he said. The ties and blazers also come in handy for job interviews and professional meetings.

For the 2020 event, Steve asked his fellow PSEG Nuclear peers to pitch in and help. Between employee and NSSAR contributions, 301 neckties and 56 blazers were collected and split among the 400 students participating in this year’s Founder’s Day ceremony.

Matthew Chimento, Lead Writer - PSEG Nuclear

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