Retiring gas worker Joe Martillotti reflects on 45-year career and the comradery

I began my career with PSE&G in 1978 at the Trenton Gas District. I was hired as a summer employee and worked as a mechanic in the Distribution Street department for three summers while I was attending college. The work we did was very similar to the gas work we do today. We maintained, installed and replaced the gas facilities. What is different is the technology, materials and work procedures used today. 

Back in 1978 we just began experimenting with the use of high density polyethylene plastic pipe and backhoes were shared amongst several crews, which meant that a good portion of time was spent excavating by hand. Although the work was hard and the days seemed long, I recall a sense of comradery that made the work rewarding.

We were proud to be gas workers and we understood the awesome responsibility of maintaining a safe and reliable gas system. Many of my coworkers were military veterans and I couldn’t wait for lunchtime when they would share their interesting stories about their worldly experiences. I made friendships that will last a lifetime!

When I graduated from college in 1981, I came back to PSE&G and was hired in the Trenton Gas Appliance Service department as a service technician. Again, the work was similar back then. We were first responders to gas leak calls and we serviced gas appliances. However, technology has really changed things and the appliances our techs work on today are a far cry from the appliances of the 80s.

Back then, every gas appliance had a pilot light. Most of the time, if you cleaned the pilot you fixed the problem. Today’s appliance technology is continuously changing and I have the utmost admiration for our technicians. They are out there every day working on every make and model and truly making our customers’ lives WorryFree®.

It takes a team: Joe Martillotti, far right, takes time to celebrate the achievements of fellow gas workers.

I’ve spent my entire career in PSE&G Gas Operations. It’s been 45 years since I walked into Trenton Gas as a summer helper, and I’m proud to be a gas worker.

As we take the time, on March 18, to celebrate National Gas Utility Workers’ Day, I am proud of my fellow gas workers here at PSE&G who are out in the field all day every day in all types of conditions providing our customers with safe and reliable gas service.

And let’s not forget all the gas workers behind the scenes who contribute greatly to the cause. Engineers, clerks, dispatchers, gas system operators, metering and regulating, corrosion techs, geographic information systems team, storekeepers, garage mechanics, analysts, supervisors, managers and countless other employees ready to serve!

When I visit my fellow gas workers in the field, I periodically take the time to remind them that we are the best at what we do. We have been given an awesome responsibility and we have the trust of our customers, regulators, shareholders and management to operate the gas system – a system that provides an essential service to customers and drives the economic prosperity of our state.

So as our customers sleep soundly each night, there is a PSE&G gas worker at the ready. A gas worker ready willing and able in all types of conditions, responding to the call!

Joe Martillotti Sr. Director Gas Field Operations


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  • Joe, enjoy your retirement. It was a privilege and a pleasure ( well most of the time) to have dealt with you over the years. Take care, be safe. Joe B

  • Hi Joe i was my pleasure knowing you, I wish you all the best in your next journey of life. Enjoy retirement many years of health and happiness Ben Santoro

  • Dear Joe…congratulations on your retirement. Now, truly, time is on your side! Pse&g will miss you greatly

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