PSE&G meter reader helps elderly woman get home

Meter Reader Jeremy Wedick of PSE&G’s New Brunswick customer team immediately knew something was wrong when he saw an elderly woman using a walker walking aimlessly around the neighborhood with a bag full of cash. Jeremy approached the woman, and it was clear she was disoriented and confused.

When a taxi pulled up, Jeremy knew he needed to step in to ensure this woman makes it home safely – watch the video to see how he will forever be this woman’s hero…and ours!

Rebecca Mazzarella, Lead Writer - PSE&G

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  • PSE&G has instilled this attitude in all of their employees. Congratulation Jeremy a job well done. PSE&G please continue to be a caring company. My husband is deceased now, I am so proud to say he worked in Central Division for 36 years. Thank you.I

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