Palisades troubleshooter’s quick action saves a life

When Palisades Division Troubleshooter Don Brett responded to the scene of a utility pole that had been hit by an automobile on the morning of Feb. 4, he immediately saw that he had to act quickly. Live conductors and a transformer bank had fallen onto the car that had hit the pole, and the disoriented driver was attempting to exit the vehicle.  

“Police and Fire Department personnel were on the scene, but they couldn’t approach the vehicle because of the live equipment, which had not tripped,” Brett said. “I immediately contacted operations to have the circuit de-energized to avoid a potential electrocution.”

Brett then tested the lines in both directions to ensure that first responders could safely remove the driver. 

“Don’s quick thinking and decisive actions in this situation likely saved the driver’s life, and ensured that the Police and Fire Department personnel could perform the rescue safely,” said Senior Director Ed Pereira, who leads the Palisades Division. “I’m proud to have Don on our team.” 

Tony Garrihy, Lead Writer - PSE&G

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