Energizing the next generation on the power of solar

The fascinating science behind solar production and its impact on climate change provided a meaningful learning opportunity for 20 Girl Scouts from grades three through five. The virtual session featured the assembly of a solar bug kit which was used to show how solar panels work.  The girls are members of the Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey council which is made up of nearly 18,000 girls representing seven northern New Jersey counties.

The PSE&G Women’s Network Employee Business Resource Group coordinated its first-ever virtual program for the scouts which aligns perfectly with the mission of Girl Scouts of the USA: where Girl Scouts bring their dreams to life and work together to build a better world. 

PSE&G’s Electric & Gas Asset Strategy Principal Engineer Pragna Pulusani led the demonstration. “I loved demonstrating the benefits of solar energy via the solar bug project to a very curious and enthusiastic group of girl scouts,” Pragna said. “The objective of introducing these projects is to increase curiosity and interest in STEM education in a very hands-on, fun and natural way. The skills they learn, such as teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking, are very much transferrable to their everyday life and beyond.”

Christopher Scarlata, sr. solar analyst with PSE&G also explained to the scouts how unusable space can be given a new life and put back to use to house solar farms. “This was a very rewarding experience,” Christopher said. “Seeing how engaged and interested the girls were in solar was great.”

“Our Council is excited to be working with PSE&G to provide our girls with real world examples of STEM in action,” said Tiffany Allen, STEM Program Coordinator for The Heart of NJ Council. “Seeing how STEM, specifically solar energy, is integrated into our community on an everyday basis really piqued the curiosity of the girls and led them to wanting to learn more. We look forward to working with PSE&G again in the future.”

For more information about Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey, visit GSHNJ here: https://www.gshnj.org/en/about-girl-scouts/join.html [gshnj.org].

John Mccullough Communications Consultant - PSE&G

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  • I’ve been waiting since April of 2022 to have PSE&G come to my home and replace my meter with a Solar meter. I’ve called and Solar called numerous times. What & why is it taking so long?

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