Brunswick Switching station impresses PSE&G interns

A group of PSE&G’s summer interns working in the Electric Transmission & Distribution department, had an opportunity to see the final product that comes from the lessons they are learning in school – and in their summer assignments with PSE&G.  

“The goal of this immersive experience was to help our interns understand and make the connection between paper drawings and an actual physical substation,” said Director Shirish Patel of P&C’s Project and Engineering organization, who led the tour. “They have already learned about the upfront aspects of the project lifecycle, including evaluation, planning, studies, design and engineering.  Here they see the end product.” 

Intern Max Perez, seconded Patel’s comment. “We learned a lot about the theoretical and numerical aspects of things like potential transformers and circuit breakers, but being able to see them in person and how each of them directly interact with the other parts of the station and beyond truly deepened my understanding of everything we were learning about and working on.”

Staff Engineer Breanna Bogan, who with Staff Engineer Brittany Holbrook assists Patel in administering the internship program, pointed out another benefit the visit provided. “This gave the interns, who have been attending group events via Zoom, an opportunity to meet their fellow interns,” Bogan said.  “They enjoyed that aspect of the visit, too.”

Intern Jaclyn Snyder agreed with Bogan’s take. “Since the trip allowed me to meet all of the other interns in person for the first time, I felt more at ease when asking questions during the tour. I am even more excited to be spending the remainder of the summer working at PSE&G, and while I was on the fence if a job in utility is something I’d be interested, I now really hope I have the opportunity to work here.”

Intern Ryan Salvatore, who is studying electrical and computer engineering at Rutgers, called the site visit “my favorite day of work at PSE&G so far because I was finally able to see a major station in person,” while Intern Paul Kondratowicz said the experience exceeded the expectations he had going in. 

“The attention to detail in design, as well as the vast amount of important equipment was truly impressive. I have to say that my experience at the Brunswick Switching Station solidified my desire to work for PSE&G, and to be part of this incredible utility,” Kondratowicz said.

Tony Garrihy, Lead Writer - PSE&G

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