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COVID-19 has led to financial hardship for many businesses. At PSE&G, we are committed to supporting our customers as we all move forward and recover together from this pandemic and its impact on our economy.

In recognition of the challenges faced by our business customers, PSE&G voluntarily suspended shut-off of service for nonpayment in March 2020. PSE&G was one of the few utilities in New Jersey that extended the state-issued moratorium on shut-offs to business customers, providing relief at that critical time for businesses. PSE&G is now preparing to resume normal collection activity, including suspension of service where necessary. 

 “We empathize with our business customers who were hard-hit by the pandemic and want to help them,” said Fred Daum, executive director of Customer Operations for PSE&G. “We have instituted new, more flexible payment options. We are reaching out to our business customers to ensure they are aware of the options and resources available to them. The success of your business is important to you, to our communities and to our state. At PSE&G, we want to do everything we can to help your business recover.”

PSE&G has taken a three-pronged approach to supporting its business customers: personalized support when customers reach out for assistance; grassroots efforts, including meeting with business customers in their own communities; and taking action to educate and increase awareness about available payment assistance resources. 

Personalized support: With our dedicated customer support team for business customers, PSE&G takes a personalized approach to helping each and every customer with billing questions or concerns. We are also offering new payment options, including Deferred Payment Arrangements (DPAs), to address our customers’ unique circumstances. New payment plans offer more flexibility and payment schedules, allowing customers up to two years to pay past-due balances.

Grassroots effort: Over the past several months, our business customer support specialists have personally contacted 75,000 business customers to explain how we can help support them through these challenging times. This effort included making customers aware of payment options as well as information about available federal or state resources to help with utility bills.

Our field teams helped almost 3,000 business customers set up payment plans during in-person visits. In addition to the in-person outreach, many business customers also received an email with an easy “one-click” registration to set up deferred payment arrangement terms. Through all of these efforts, we were able to enroll more than 10,000 commercial customers in payment plans. 

Taking action to educate: PSE&G has launched a public education campaign to increase business customers’ awareness about payment options and financial resources. Our customer relations team called approximately 1,500 business customers to encourage them to apply for benefits available through federal resources.

We know many companies and nonprofits are struggling. PSE&G is collaborating with business groups, trade associations, nonprofits, social service organizations, and state and federal agencies to make sure customers are aware of the help that is available to them.

“It’s critical that as many impacted small and mid-sized businesses as possible are aware of, and can access, resources available to them,” said Michele Siekerka, president and CEO of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association. “We thank PSE&G for joining the call to raise awareness for this much-needed assistance and for being an essential partner with New Jersey’s business community.”

PSE&G resources:

  • PSE&G Deferred Payment Arrangement (DPA): Customers can make a DPA with little to no down payment regardless of your past payment history.  We have extended the time for repayment. During the period of your DPA, you’ll continue to pay your regular monthly bill, plus the DPA amount toward your past-due balance. To make a Deferred Payment Arrangement, log in to My Account. To take advantage of these extended DPAs, please call 800-357-2262.
  • PSE&G Business Solutions Center is a dedicated customer service team of knowledgeable professionals ready to assist you with your business needs. The Business Solutions Center can be reached at 855-BIZ-PSEG (855-249-7734), Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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