PSE&G has something big to celebrate on national Energy Efficiency Day

This year, PSE&G, its customers and New Jersey have great reason to recognize national Energy Efficiency Day.

The fifth annual celebration of efforts to meet our energy needs with less falls on Oct. 7, two weeks after New Jersey regulators gave PSE&G the greenlight to commit $1 billion to energy efficiency investments over the next three years. Gov. Phil Murphy’s clean energy agenda has made New Jersey a national leader in energy and climate policy. The BPU’s action is a significant step toward making the Governor’s goals a reality, representing New Jersey’s largest commitment to energy efficiency and one that perfectly aligns with the Energy Efficiency Day message: “Save Money. Cut Pollution. Create Jobs.’’

“We are committed to ensuring that all of our customers and the communities we serve get an opportunity to share in the benefits of this program, including lower energy bills, new jobs and cleaner air. The decision is a tribute to Governor Murphy’s decisive leadership on climate change and will deliver the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency to our customers.” – PSE&G President Dave Daly

PSE&G’s program is expected to deliver $1 billion in net customer savings on their energy bills, save 14.2 million megawatt-hours of electricity and 380 million therms of natural gas and create 3,200 direct jobs and 1,100 indirect jobs. Residential and commercial customers can choose among 10 programs that offer rebates on energy-efficient appliances, lighting, HVAC equipment and smart thermostats. 

PSE&G has also launched an energy efficiency job training program and has partnered with a network of community organizations and the state Department of Labor to recruit participants from New Jersey’s urban centers. The goal is to prepare state residents for jobs with the contractors that will implement PSE&G’s energy efficiency programs.

When fully implemented, the program will help New Jersey meet its aggressive clean energy goals and elevate the state as a national leader in energy efficiency savings.

And while the program is bigger than anything PSE&G has done before, the company has a long history of promoting energy efficiency. Since 2009, PSE&G’s energy efficiency programs have helped customers save $350 million on their energy bills while saving 300,000 megawatt-hours of electricity and 10 million therms of natural gas.

Energy Efficiency Day, which falls on the first Wednesday in October, is a collaborative effort of dozens of energy efficiency advocacy groups around the U.S., including the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), Advanced Energy EconomyAlliance to Save EnergyNatural Resources Defense Council, the Regional Energy Efficiency Organizations.

It’s a day to share energy efficiency success stories and this year, PSE&G has quite a tale to tell.

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Jim Efstathiou, Lead Writer-PSE&G

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