Becoming your authentic self: AABE celebrates Black History Month

If you want to enhance your career or be recognized as a legend, start by becoming your authentic self, a diversity and inclusion expert told more than 100 employees, Feb. 26, as part of a PSEG Black History Month celebration.

“There are enough blenders in the world,” Diverse & Engaged CEO Dee C. Marshall said, noting that corporations want employees to share what makes them unique. “You are going to be the piece of the puzzle that solves the problem and amplifies the work. When you know your own value, you’ll better appreciate others.”

Marshall, the keynote for the PSEG American Association of Blacks in Energy Employee (AABE) Business Resource Group sponsored event, said discovering one’s authentic self is a journey that should begin with knowing your own history, value and skills. She said the process takes clarity, courage and confidence. Perhaps scariest, she said, is it takes constant disruption.

“Companies that are not embracing disruption are no longer here,” Marshall said. “Disrupt yourself.”

Marshall said legends push themselves to do more and give more particularly when it comes to their unique gifts and talents even in challenging situations. She launched her talk with an “American history month where we celebrate black people” inspirational video on today’s “most searched” people – all African American legends.

Marshall also noted the diversity of participants attending the event, encouraging employees to keep supporting each other even if an event is not associated with their particular heritage.

“Showing up and being fully engaged is how you make history,” Marshall said. “You should be able to contribute something of value to industry. That is how you become legendary.”

PSEG Senior Vice President for Corporate Citizenship Rick Thigpen introduced Marshall – and other senior leaders attended the event that marked the debut of the PSEG AABE EBRG’s first female president, Leticia Spencer.

“I am so grateful for everyone who attended in person and remotely; we walked away affirming that being our authentic self brings value to the workplace,” said Spencer, reflecting on the event and this inspiring quote from author Marianne Williamson, which Marshall shared with participants:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

Lauren Ugorji, Lead Writer - PSE&G

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