Ralph Izzo speaks with Titans of Nuclear

In an interview with Bret Kugelmass of the Titans of Nuclear podcast, watch as PSEG Chairman, President and CEO Ralph Izzo talks about the importance of nuclear energy and energy efficiency in mitigating against carbon emissions.

Jim Namiotka - Lead Corporate Writer, PSEG


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  • Uninformed NJ Tax Payers… don’t support an antiquated self-serving agenda to pacify the PSEG board, company financiers, stock-holders… it’s simply ill advised.

    The basis of strength in a diversifiied portfolio, in this instance, is questionable. Nuclear is high-risk, highly regulated… and expensive. With that said, has PSEG introduced any innovations in the area of nuclear power generation? How is PSEG leading the industry in cost-effective nuclear power generation? Nothing… it’s simply not possible.

    Nuclear- ideology is inappropriate and the NY-Metro area has aggressive sustainability goals much in-line with future environmental sustainability.

    Carbon reduction, in NJ is easy! Ralph…. hore a consultant from the Natural Resources Defense Council, if you need assistance.

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