Fun and learning at first-ever Family Prep Day

On a recent overcast weekend, PSEG employees and their families came together for a unique experience. They learned how to stay safe around electricity and gas – and had some fun in the process. The first-ever “Family Preparedness Day” was sponsored by one of our newest employee business resource groups, SERT (Supporting Emergency Responders Together).

Kids learned about the unique safety needs of their parents’ work with gas and electricity, such as the need for special personal protection gear, as well as tips everyone should know – like what to do when you smell gas or see a downed wire. They also saw demonstrations on first aid, rescue dogs and the wonders of electricity (yes, it was a “hair-raising” presentation).

Did I mention fun? Included in the day’s activities were rides on all-terrain vehicles, opportunities to operate backhoes and the most popular — rides in PSE&G bucket trucks (of course, following safe practices). The biggest attraction of all was a bucket truck that rose 150 feet into the air –15 stories. Several kids (and a parent or two) didn’t quite make it to the full 150 feet before saying, “That’s high enough.”

We even had a surprise guest visit from Elmo. PSEG partners with Sesame Street to develop curriculum to teach our youngest customers about first responders and personal resiliency. Elmo was a real hit with the younger set.

There was education for parents, too. Craig Weng talked about the “Why I Work Safe” program that he founded at our nuclear facility in South Jersey. In the program, we have special cards that employees can slip into their company ID pouches. Under the words “Why We Work Safe,” the cards display pictures of an employee’s loved ones. We are expanding the program to other locations, and employees took advantage of having the company photographer on hand to take family portraits that could be turned into the cards, which serve as a constant reminder why safety must be an employee’s No. 1 focus.

Parents also had the opportunity to learn about various wellness benefits available to employee family members while their children tried their hands at games. NJ VOAD (NJ Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters) was also there promoting the Help NJ Now website, where you can find information about how your community is preparing to respond to a disaster.

And everyone ended with a great lunch, including healthy options and ice cream (which might not fit into the healthy theme – but it was good!)

A big thank you to all from PSEG, first responders, partner vendors and friends. It took many hands to make the day a success. This is one “first” that I hope turns into an annual event.



John Latka, Senior Vice President Electric & Gas Operations - PSE&G

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