A Humbling Drive To Work

If you drive down Martin Luther King (CarinburwellMLK) Blvd. in Newark, before you pass St. James African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, you may or may not notice the line of people outside the St. James Social Services building at lunchtime.

As with most people, you may be consumed by thoughts of what’s on today’s list of things to do, how you can get it all done on time, and what’s waiting for you at home. Next time you drive down MLK Blvd, notice the line. Notice that it’s made up of men, women, children, and families from all walks of life. Maybe even notice that the line gets longer towards the end of the month – as cash left over after bills and rent gets scarce.

SJSS3What are people waiting for? Food provided by St. James Social Services (a 501c3 entity of the Church). St. James Social Services (SJSS) supports families by changing the economic circumstances and improving the overall quality of life for children, the elderly, low-income families and the homeless. Their work is focused on helping restore self-sufficiency and financial independence to the poor, unemployed, needy families, and the community around us.

I volunteer at SJSS and am proud that my employer, PSEG, has given SJSS a $3000 grant in honor of the work I do. It will go a long way to helping those families. A typical meal costs the organization about $3.00 to put together. The $3000 is enough to help feed 1000 men, women or children. My grant was part of PSEG’s Recognizing Excellence in Volunteerism (REV) program which honors employees who willingly dedicate their time and talent to make a difference in their communities. The program gives them the opportunity to pursue their passions while the company rewards their meaningful work.

I am proud to be among 15 recipients of this year’s PSEG Recognizing Excellence Awards. Each organization and each PSEG employee volunteer was just as deserving of this recognition. I am inspired by what my fellow employees do to help their communities. And, I’m very proud to say that I work for a company that supports and encourages those initiatives.

Carin Burwell- Sr Analyst, Delivery Projects & Construction- PSE&G

Carin Burwell- Sr Analyst, Delivery Projects & Construction- PSE&G


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  • Yes, I have stood on that line, thank god I don’t have bto now m PSEG Should donate the SJSS. They monopolize and suck the community dry with their outrageous rates.Alot of people are on that line because of PSEG Tell the truth and shame the devil.

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