PSEG to Modernize Sewaren Generating Station

PSEG’s 67-year-old Sewaren generating station is getting a makeover.

In an effort to ensure New Jersey has the clean power it needs, PSEG is replacing the facility’s four existing steam units with a modern dual-fuel combined-cycle plant.

Updating our Sewaren facility is part of PSEG Power’s growth strategy to meet the increasing demand for electricity from cleaner sources. To this end, we are also building the PSEG Keys Energy Center in Prince George’s County, Maryland.
These projects represent a total investment of $1.5 billion and reflect our vision of America’s energy future – cleaner, affordable and efficient. When completed, the plants will have a total generating capacity of 1,300 megawatts.

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We are proud to give our Sewaren Generating Station a new lease on life. We have always had a good relationship with its host community, Woodbridge. This project will add to the reliability of the region’s energy grid, create jobs, generate economic activity and provide Woodbridge Township with additional tax revenues. The new plant will provide an efficient, reliable and cleaner source of electric power to help meet New Jersey’s energy needs. It is expected to displace older, less-efficient plants in the region, helping to reduce emissions.

The new Sewaren plant will successfully balance the need for new sources of power with environmental considerations. It will be able to meet the electricity needs of about a half million homes and will use a combustion turbine and a steam turbine to increase efficiency and produce more electricity from the same fuel. The new unit will be state-of-the-art design with sophisticated pollution control equipment that will greatly reduce emissions.

Click on image to view Sewaren Generating Station upgrade rendering

The two-year construction project will begin early next year and is expected to create about 350 union jobs. The new plant is scheduled to be in service in time for summer of 2018 and will employ up to 28 permanent, full-time workers.

It’s an exciting time at PSEG. We are growing our generation business to provide New Jersey residents and businesses with cleaner, more affordable and reliable electricity.

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Rich Lopriore, PSEG Fossil PresidentRich Lopriore
PSEG Fossil President

Richard P. Lopriore, President PSEG Fossil


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