Don’t Let Your Heat Out to Play


23545990453_c2b06965e9_kDrive down your street the day after a snowstorm. You’ll see some homes with snow on their roofs, and some without. Those with snow most likely have adequate attic air-sealing and insulation – the heat isn’t escaping to the attic to melt the snow on the roof. Rooftops without snow are a sign that the heat meant to keep the family warm is escaping through the attic – creating a financial wind tunnel for the homeowners inside. Continue reading

A Good Message To Share With Those In Need


Lateesha Mars remembers when a woman with two young children in tow approached her window at the PSE&G Customer Service Center in Newark. The woman recently became seriously ill and couldn’t work. She couldn’t pay her bills. She didn’t know what to do – and she was afraid. Lateesha could see relief on her face as she learned about the payment assistance programs for which she might qualify.

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Here’s to PSE&G’s “Every Day Heroes”


Not all heroes wear capes or have super powers. At PSE&G we have 6000 heroes – who work to keep the lights on, and New Jersey’s houses, offices and stores warm in winter and cold in summer. To me, they are “Every Day Heroes” the theme of the recently celebrated Customer Service Week. And I think it applies to our employees who work in all types of weather to make sure that when you flip the switch, you never have a second thought about whether the light will go on. It doesn’t just happen; it takes a team of people to make sure you have reliable electric and gas service – in fact, among the most reliable in the nation.

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Americans Waste More Money On Energy Bills… Than Anything Else


Low cost and no cost ways to save

In an ideal world everyone would go out and buy all new ENERGY STAR appliances, add insulation to their attics, and install the newest generation of smart thermostats. Yes, this would save people lots of money on their electric bills. But for most of our customers, that’s just not an affordable option in the short term. Continue reading