Pandemic doubles need for payment assistance, PSE&G doubles outreach

The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted financial hardship on many of our customers and left them struggling to pay bills. Today, twice as many PSE&G customers are seriously behind on their bills than before the pandemic began.

In response, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy ordered a moratorium on utility shut-offs for residential customers who were unable to pay their utility bills. While the moratorium ended on July 1, an extended grace period was provided as additional relief to customers who have fallen behind. That grace period will be ending on March 15. It is now more important than ever to get the help you need if you’re behind on bills.

At PSE&G, we are dedicated to ensuring all of our customers in need of assistance have the information and resources they need to sign up and receive much-needed relief.

“Whether we’re talking about an energy-saving program, webinars or helping people or families in need, we depend upon – and are truly grateful for – the proactive outreach and support from PSE&G’s Public Affairs and Payment Assistance Outreach teams,” said Bob Knapp, deputy director for the state Department of Family Services and division chief for Welfare Services of Hudson County. “PSE&G is a true community partner in connecting resources to the people most in need.”

PSE&G’s Payment Assistance Outreach and Public Affairs teams have been working closely with local and county officials to attend pop-up food distribution sites and answer questions while sharing information about utility payment assistance. 

Watch this short video about a recent event in Camden County I attended with our team. 

We are bringing resources and information to our customers, in their communities. You may even see our Back on Track + Together teams out in your neighborhoods speaking with customers and sharing packets of payment assistance information. 

In addition to the community outreach efforts, we have created www.pseg.com/HelpNow, a dedicated webpage with information about utility assistance programs and pandemic relief. 

PSE&G also offers support and flexibility to help customers catch up on overdue bills with a special pandemic deferred payment arrangement. We have extended the length of time allowable for repayment. Click or call 800-357-2262 to set it up today.

Fred Daum, Executive Director of Customer Operations - PSE&G

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  • Hello I been away per family death I received a letter in the mail saying service will be cut off 3/16 but I was granted a voucher it seems it has not taken in to effect please assist thank you

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