Environmental stewardship in action

On Monday, July 19, the 2021 PSEG internship program participants visited the Energy and Environmental Resource Center (EERC) in Salem, New Jersey, to learn more about the many clean energy upsides the company has to offer.

This unique educational opportunity was facilitated by Brendan Daly, a principal environmental engineer and stakeholder specialist with PSEG Nuclear.

Both PSEG Nuclear and State Governmental Affairs interns traveled from all across the state and gathered at the EERC for an interactive presentation that touched on historical PSEG milestones, the power generating aspects of PSEG Power and the estuary enhancement program.

Daly later led the interns through a PSEG Nuclear site-perimeter bus tour. The interns were provided access to PSEG’s Hancock’s Bridge Estuary Site, stopped at the PSEG Nuclear Security shooting range located in the shadow of the Hope Creek cooling tower and across from the dry cask storage area, and saw firsthand the osprey, invasive phragmites, and native grass species living in close proximity to the stations. PSEG’s Estuary Enhancement Program has preserved more than 20 thousand acres of salt marsh in New Jersey and Delaware since 1994, allowing these same osprey and other wildlife to thrive in resource-rich surroundings.

Engineering Intern Lead Coordinator Julian Perotti also provided input and supported the successful tour. During the career talk portion of the day, Perotti highlighted his own PSEG internship experience and offered advice to the current group.

Before concluding the event, Daly even energized the interns further by having two volunteers touch a Van de Graaff generator. Seth Seely and Abby Hainsworth were excited to be involved and literally energized by the experience!

The interns left the EERC with new knowledge about how energy usage impacts the environment – and how vitally important it is for PSEG Nuclear to continue making its carbon-free contributions!

Daly has continued to provide similar educational experiences this summer, hosting both PSEG Law interns and his “All-Star Intern” Atef Zeed.

Aimee Carey Staff Intern - Human Resources

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