New Islamic center is energized in time for Ramadan

On a Friday in late February of 2014, a fire destroyed the Al-Tawheed Islamic Center on Jersey City’s West Side Avenue, and nearly 1,000 members of the congregation had to find alternative places of worship. The nearby Jersey City Armory and The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints also were impacted by the devastating fire. 

“This fire was a very traumatic event,” said Ibrahim Eldewak, Islamic Center Board of Trustees President.

After seven years of rebuilding, the mosque was near completion. As Ramadan, the Islamic holy month was rapidly approaching, the City of Jersey City, PSE&G and members of the congregation worked together to ensure the new mosque had the electricity it needed to celebrate Ramadan with its community.

“I really appreciate the timely and professional service from PSE&G,” said Councilwoman Mira Prinz-Arey. “This means so much to the members of the mosque. Thank you for supporting all communities across Jersey City.”

Engineering Technician Carl Walrond worked closely with the customer since the start of this project and was able not only to gain a clear understanding of the customer’s expectations, but also ensure the customer understood the tasks they would be required to complete in order for PSE&G to provide service. Walrond maintained constant communication with the customer and understood how important it was for PSE&G to provide service in time for the community to celebrate Ramadan. He then took the extra steps to work with Overhead Construction Supervisor Steve Soto and his team, ensuring an understanding of the tasks at hand and the time constraints they were under.

“Communication with everyone involved was the key to making this happen,” said Sue Woodell, principal staff engineer for PSE&G’s Palisades Division. “On a daily basis, our group works together to provide an excellent customer experience to the communities we serve.”

“We all saw how the Jersey City community really came together just after the fire, and we are extremely grateful that the community came together again,” Eldewak said. “Thanks to the hard work and support of PSE&G crews, the electric service connection was completed just one day before Ramadan services. They did an excellent job.” 

“Jersey City is the greatest city, and most people do not realize that the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are both within our borders and represent a spirit of hope and a better life,” said Richard Boggiano, Jersey City Councilman. “I am grateful that so many people and PSE&G came together to help the congregation in their time of need.”

Richard Dwyer Jr., Sr Public Affairs Manager - PSE&G

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