Powering Progress: 2019 Sustainability Report

Our company’s success, from the time of our founding, has been based on our delivery of an essential, critical and important public service – electricity and natural gas – in a safe, reliable fashion to the people of New Jersey.

Now, we find ourselves on the threshold of a new era – one in which we have the same responsibility, but with new challenges we must confront to continue our long record of success.

Today, companies like PSEG need to change the way we produce and distribute energy, while embracing technologies that can fundamentally improve our relationship with our customers.

So how do we deliver this product – safe, affordable, around-the-clock access to energy – in a responsible and sustainable way that will allow us to continue the success this company has enjoyed for nearly 117 years?

Students2Science technology center, Newark, NJ

The answer is found in PSEG’s commitment to citizenship – channeling the resources of PSEG and its 13,000 employees to reinforce the ideal of our founder, Thomas McCarter, “to serve the state of New Jersey and to make it a better place in which to work and live.”

Corporate citizenship and sustainability encompass our social and environmental responsibilities, as well as our responsibilities to our customers and the communities where they live. These strategies also reflect our dedication to acting in a manner that is responsible, ethical and deliberate, balancing the needs of the business with the changing expectations of our customers.

Today, we face not only the question of climate change and its impacts, but we also have the ongoing challenges of delivering our services to the public responsibly, engaging our employees in the mission and instilling confidence in the people of New Jersey and beyond that we can be entrusted with a critical part of their lives.

Additionally, we have the investor community on Wall Street focusing on issues of long-term, sustainable business success, which are increasingly aligned with the concerns of elected officials on Main Street, as well as the concerns of people in the communities we serve.

PSEG Long Island’s My Smart Energy Lab

Our investors want us to demonstrate that we are thinking about the challenges of the future. Our customers want us to provide clean energy, without sacrificing reliability or affordability. And the members of our increasingly diverse and inclusive workforce need to find common purpose at work that is different than it was in the past.

As we move into the future, earning the confidence of Wall Street, of our regulators, of our customers, of our employees is a recipe for success. That’s also a significant challenge. Citizenship is the answer to that challenge. This report reflects PSEG’s approach to corporate citizenship, highlights the relevance of disclosure and informs stakeholders of both risks and opportunities. This report also reflects our balanced approach to environmental, social and governance issues, and to meeting the evolving needs of New Jersey and our customers.

We are proud to present PSEG’s 2019 Sustainability Report.

Rick T. Thigpen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Citizenship - PSEG

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