Fuel Diversity: Guaranteeing Reliable, Affordable Energy



As days grow colder, many New Jersey families are relying on natural gas to keep their homes warm and comfortable.

Increasingly, in many parts of the U.S., we’re also turning to inexpensive, abundant natural gas to generate the electricity that powers our homes and businesses.

In New Jersey, we traditionally have relied on a diverse mix of fuel to generate electricity – about half our energy has come from nuclear, with the remaining  split between  natural gas and coal, and more recently a small but growing amount of solar (currently in the range of 4 percent) . Continue reading

Experts: Nuclear is Key to a Carbon-Free Future


Panelists included Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund; State Sen. Bob Smith (D-Middlesex), chair of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee; Ralph Izzo and Susan Tierney, former assistant U.S. energy secretary and a senior adviser of the Analysis Group.

As New Jersey and the rest of the United States look for ways to shrink their carbon footprints, energy experts agree that the nation’s nuclear plants will have to play a role if tough carbon-reduction targets are going to be reached.

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My Nuclear Conversion

I was a junior at Brown University in May 1980 when I climbed onto a bus for the 100-mile trip to Seabrook, New Hampshire, where one of the nation’s largest nuclear power plants was being built. I was one of thousands of young people who were there to protest the spread of nuclear power – less than a year after the meltdown at Three Mile Island.

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Nuclear is the Answer to NJ’s Energy Future

11080625_903337756397328_1500589022466723959_oQuick, what New Jersey economic sector contributes the most carbon to our atmosphere? If you answered the power sector, you are wrong. The transportation sector – cars, buses, trucks and trains – emit more CO2 than all of the power plants operating in the state. This is not true of all states, but reflects that New Jersey has one of the cleanest power portfolios in the nation.

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#FirePreventionWeek: New Jersey’s Best of the Best



I remember it like it was yesterday. On July 3, I opened the door to the bathroom/laundry room in my home and was stunned to have a wall of smoke pour out of the small room. Nothing prepares you for that moment when you believe that your house is on fire – not even being a trained firefighter, emergency responder, or a qualified emergency preparedness instructor who has taught a couple hundred classes on how to properly use a fire extinguisher. At that moment, my stomach sank and some panic set in.

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