#PSEGTips: Keep toasty this winter and save money

10 cold weather energy and cost-savings tips:

As the temperature drops outside, follow these tips for staying warm and cozy while saving energy and money:


Lower your thermostat:  Home heating is the largest user of energy and offers the greatest opportunity for savings. Lowering the thermostat by just one degree can reduce your heating bill by up to 3 percent. Save even more by lowering your thermostat 2 degrees during the day when you are home, and 5 to 10 degrees when you are away and at bedtime, if health conditions permit.


Replace the batteries in your thermostat: Low batteries can lead to problems like no heating or excessive heating.


Close fireplace dampers when not in use: Stop warm air from escaping through chimneys.


Move furniture and drapes away from heat sources: Remove furniture or items that block vents. Open any register or baseboard dampers.


Use ceiling fans: During the winter, your fan should run at a low speed in a clockwise direction for better circulation of warm air.


Cover window air conditioners: Remove or cover window air conditioners to reduce drafts.


Replace old windows: Replace old, drafty windows with new, energy-efficient windows for added insulation and less heat loss.


Seal basement windows and doors: Use weather stripping or caulk to seal up cracks and prevent drafts in windows and doorframes. Beneath doors, install draft guards.


Use your blinds: Open your curtains and blinds that face the sun on sunny days to warm your home, and close them at night to keep the warm air inside.


Check your heating system: Check for sufficient water levels in the sight glass for steam heating systems to ensure maximum efficiency. Replace the filter on your warm air furnace heating system. Remove any and all debris from around your heating system.

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